Play. Die. Repeat. Futuristic rogue-lite FPS PositronX is out now on PC and GoG

Games developer Scorpius Games is proud to announce that its rogue-lite first person shooter PositronX has moved out of Steam Early Access into a full commercial launch on Steam and GoG for £17.99 / $19.99 / €19,99 with a 10% discount. PositronX focuses on strategic fast paced combat, creative time and space mechanics, detailed graphics and phoenix-like rising from the ashes as players blast their way through the always new algorithmically generated levels against the killer Machine Swarms.

The key to success in PositronX revolves around adapting to your environment. Rooms are algorithmically generated from a pool of predefined constructs and since death is permanent every play through presents a new challenge. With no environmental recall to assist you, players will always face a brand new industrial dungeon filled with Machine Swarm waiting around every corner with lethal ambition. Dying comes easy but with each fall, you can rise again stronger using scores of new loot and implants to your benefit. These implants bestow abilities that will allow players to turn the fire fight to their favour through altering time and space, summoning minions to your cause, shrinking in size, deploying decoys among others. These are all in addition to the base techniques each character has such as wall running to outmanoeuvre their opponents, the ability to slow down, stop or rewind time, to soar above their enemies, use telekinesis to stop bullets inflight before flinging them back at your adversaries and even to  teleport across vast spaces in an instant.

Choose between seven different playable characters with their own unique abilities and load out with a cache of weapons, all upgradable, as you shoot your way through every stage. PositronX’s movement mechanics and retro industrial aesthetic compliment the perfect combination of 90s shooter gameplay akin to Quake 2 & Descent with a roguelite design to form a highly combative, addictively re-playable experience.

PositronX leaves Early Access fully loaded with added extras: A new stage will be added at launch in addition to the current three stages. Three new characters join the current roster: Quark – a silent but deadly assassin, Neutron – a devastating damage dealer and Graviton – a master of Time. The arsenal at your disposal has increased with two new weapons to unload on your opponents: the Core gun and Time gun. All of this will be needed and more as you finally come face to face with the game’s big final boss – The Machina.

”After 2 years of listening to the invaluable feedback from our fanbase we are finally launching PositronX,” said the Scorpius Crew. “The game has come such a long way, galvanizing it’s blend of a fluid fast paced first person shooter mixed with the addictive replayability of a rogue lite to create a modern shooter experience with a relatable nostalgic undertone. We hope players enjoy playing it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.”

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