Play Games. Save Lives. EZ Mode FTW!

LifePack is simple. Just play games like you normally do.

Details: 25 cents buys one life saving packet of RUTFs (ready to use therapeutic food). 75 cents treats a child a day. 6-8 weeks of RUTFs brings a child back from the brink of death.

Launch for Life Pack in two parts:

Friday: The first in-game integration of LifePack Goes live in SpongBob Krusty Cook Off. For every in game Gem pack purchase of LifePack, Krusty Cookoff will donate money.

How the money works:

Krusty Cookoff has two in-game Gem packs players can buy:

$4.99 – $1.75 goes LifePack (2 days worth of food) LESS THAN A ICED LATTE OR A FROZEN FRAPPUCCINO!

$14.99 – $5.25 goes to LifePack (one weeks worth of food)  LESS THAN A BUCKET OF ANYTHING OR A PIZZA WITH 2 TOPPINGS!

It’s actually incredible and incredibly generous! We can save a lot of lives from just one game.

Tuesday: LifePack challenge starts with influencers. Go to and play the game. For one week starting on June 2 every play raises money to purchase a day’s worth of RUTF to treat a child.

Saving Children via Video Games

Play a free game and save a life! – No donations required. Learn about malnutrition by playing the LifePack game and for every play attempt donations will be made!

On World Hunger Day (May 28th, 2021) a new video game charity called LifePack is launching as a way to work with the games industry to save the lives of one million children by eliminating malnutrition – through video games!!

Every 11 seconds a child dies of malnutrition, and limited access to life-saving resources during COVID has made this crisis even worse. No child needs to die from malnutrition. Unlike many other issues the world is facing, there is a simple way to engage gamers to solve this issue. We would like to introduce you to that solution – LifePack. Launching on World Hunger Day LifePack is designed to rally one of pop culture’s biggest and most giving communities: gamers.

Over the next weeks and months, LifePack will be kicking off a gaming challenge on its website and will also be integrated into more games within our community, offering support throughout 2021 and beyond. The goal is to save the lives of a million kids!

As part of the launch, LifePack will be announcing the first gaming partner, Tilting Point’s SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off. Players of Krusty Cook-off can purchase in-game LifePack Gem packs that generate a donation to LifePack, with 100% going directly to providing the life-saving treatment.

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