Play-to-Earn in NEOWIZ’s New Title Crypto Golf Impact

NEOWIZ, a first-generation multi-platform development, and online publishing game giant based in South Korea has announced that it has launched its very first Play-to-Earn (P2E) title ‘Crypto Golf Impact’ from its GameFi lineup.

NEOWIZ has partnered with its sister company, NEOPLY (a blockchain subsidiary of NEOWIZ HOLDINGS) in bringing the world’s first, mobile, P2E golf application that is powered by the NEOPIN blockchain platform into the blockchain gaming market.

Crypto Golf Impact is a revamp of the existing title called ‘Golf Impact’, which has been seamlessly integrated with NEOPIN blockchain technology to offer both the traditional mobile gaming experience and blockchain features. In recent weeks, Crypto Golf Impact has gone viral due to its recent $150,000 airdrop campaign. To celebrate, the CGI team has air-dropped $10 of its in-game currency, ‘Crystals’ (which can be converted into its native game S2 token) to all users who have pre-registered for the launch. The back-to-back airdrop campaign has caught the eyes of the global blockchain gaming community and has been gaining traction for being the world’s first, mobile, play-to-earn golf title available to play in the App Store and Google Play Store. Notably, the project was able to achieve a ranking of #1 in the sports genre and #11 global ranking in the popular dapp site,

The game offers various playable contents and most notably, its PvP feature, where players can play against other players around the world in real-time. But what makes Crypto Golf Impact stand out from its competitors is that players who have obtained a ‘Crypto Pass’, an in-app purchase, can earn Crystals from completing its daily missions. (Players can also purchase a ‘Sponsor Contract’ with their Crystals to boost their daily Crystal earnings).

While Crystals can be used within the game, it can also be converted into S2 Tokens, a native game token for Crypto Golf Impact via NEOPIN wallet. Furthermore, S2 Token can be swapped to Neopin Token (NPT), a governance token for NEOPIN blockchain platform. Currently, players will be able to earn Crystals upon completion of daily missions, but the development team has stated that they will be rolling out Championship content which incentivizes high-level users to climb up the ranking ladder to obtain more Crystals from the game.

Crypto Golf Impact is also preparing to roll out their NFT features in their update pipelines so that players can purchase the NFTs via S2 Tokens to boost their performance in the game as well as their Crystal earnings.

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