Playerstate Helps Video Game Content Creators Monetize Their Efforts

Introducing Playerstate, a new global co-creation community for games. Where Players Become Rewarded Creators.

Video game players are a passionate bunch and it’s a common occurrence for enthusiasts to make creative projects for their beloved pastime. Fanart, mods, videos, memes, gifs, video guides, music, you name it. It’s all created by fans. Generally speaking, these projects are shared on social media, but rarely are the creators of such content able to monetize their efforts. That’s where Playerstate comes in. Playerstate offers an innovative new creation platform that allows creative players a way to create content around or for their favorite games and get rewarded in the process.

Similar to many of today’s most popular social media platforms, Playerstate will allow users to follow others to see what content they’re posting, like and share their favorite posts and join groups. What makes Playerstate different is users on the platform can discover creative projects that inspire them and get involved, or they can create their own projects and rally the people they need to bring their project to life. Projects on the platform can be created by companies or individuals and users can showcase their creative portfolio to help them get noticed and recognized as creators in the industry.

What makes Playerstate truly unique, however, is its approach to rewards and compensation wherein all creators are rewarded fairly. It doesn’t matter if a user has been a graphic designer for decades or is a teenager, just starting their career; Playerstate aims to create a flexible environment that doesn’t discriminate between professionals and passionate fans. Everyone on the platform will have the opportunity to participate and everyone on the platform will be rewarded for the value they create, whether they are a professional or not.

To achieve this, Playerstate offers multiple layers of rewards. Active users will earn experience points (XP) simply by participating in the platform, which will be used to level up, unlock new features, and access revenue share opportunities as the platform scales.

Additionally, project owners will set their own rewards, and this provides another layer of opportunity for creators. Project rewards can range from digital goods like in-game currency and skins, to cash. Projects can be set up and run in two ways; for specialized or time-consuming work, project owners will share briefs and agree on budgets with creators before work has started. For low-touch, passion-driven projects, project owners can set a project up as a community challenge. For example, a game developer might challenge their community to imagine a new level or character and draw or sketch it. The developer will then build the winning entry and add it to the game. Developers could also use community challenges to incentivize their community to create viral marketing content such as GIFs, memes, video content, or fan art.

It’s this innovative thinking and reward structure that convinced Ubisoft to choose Playerstate to be part of its Entrepreneurs Lab program selection in 2019. Early tests on the platform have shown Playerstate has increased community engagement for developers by over 500% in some cases.

As Playerstate enters its early access phase, it’s partnered with RyseUp Studios to embolden the community in developing its roguelite shooter Roboquest.

“One of the biggest hurdles game developers face today is keeping their player base engaged. If you want to drive engagement, you need to empower your community,” said Playerstate Co-Founder and CEO Dean Anderson. “Unfortunately, most attempts at these kinds of collaborations resulted in an exploitative environment with thousands of passionate players getting nothing, while a small handful of creators received a payout. Playerstate isn’t like that. With Playerstate, everyone gets rewarded for the value they create.

“Playerstate is not the only innovator in this space, platforms such as Roblox have experienced significant success in recent years off the back of user-generated content. However, on platforms like Roblox, users are limited to create content for that platform only,” added Anderson. “On Playerstate, creators can collaborate with each other or developers to create content for any game. The vision is that in time, individuals will come together on the platform, and learn the skills needed to earn a living or create and publish their own games.”

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