PlayStation VR: The Game Developer’s Perspective

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By now you’ve probably heard the big news out of the annual Game Developers Conference — PlayStation VR launches this October for $399 U.S. dollars.

We’ve spent the better part of a year talking about PlayStation VR from a largely technical perspective. But as cool as the technology is, it’s always going to be about the games. And that’s what has so many of us at PlayStation excited about the VR revolution. Because VR is going to change everything that we know about games, and even entertainment, on a fundamental level.

Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by veteran developers who are dazzled by the potential offered by PlayStation VR. I’ve invited some of them to provide their own perspective here:


“At Media Molecule we spend most of our effort making imaginary worlds that we want people to explore and, for a while, believe in. However there still remains a feeling that we stand on one side of the TV screen and these worlds are trapped on the other side, achingly out of reach.

“PlayStation VR lets us dissolve this barrier. The worlds we make then stop being something that you witness but something you experience.”

“For me, one of the most powerful aspects of PlayStation VR is the personal emotional connection we can create with game characters. Whether they are realistic or fantasy-looking, characters can look at you in the eyes, follow your movements, and react to your proximity in believable ways. That alone is mind-blowing and a huge evolution from traditional video games.”

“PlayStation VR is so inspiring for us as creators because it allows us to bring the experience of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood into the player’s personal space. Surrounding and immersing them completely in it and amplifying the emotion and intensity, especially for horror, way beyond what is possible via a TV screen. We can remove the barriers of interaction mechanics — this allows us to dissolve away pressing buttons and moving sticks and morph them into natural and intuitive actions for the player.”

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