PM Studios to Publish Lighthearted Management Sim Let’s School

PM Studios has recently announced its collaboration with Pathea Games for the release of their upcoming high school management simulation game, Let’s School. Developed by the creators of My Time at Sandrock, Let’s School offers players the exciting opportunity to revive their alma mater and create a revitalized and stylish learning environment. Set to launch this summer, the game presents a unique blend of building, managing, and creating a fun place for education.

As the new principal, players will be entrusted by their old headmaster with the glorious task of transforming their old school into a thriving institution. However, this involves more than just constructing buildings and designing classrooms. In Let’s School, players must also train teachers, recruit top students, organize extracurricular clubs, and tackle various challenges to ensure the success of their school.

PM Studios founder and CEO, Mike Yum, expressed his enthusiasm for Let’s School, stating, “None of us at PM Studios ever really liked school growing up. But Pathea’s version of building, managing, and creating a fun place to learn is how I wish the real world of education could be. We’re stoked to help Pathea bring it to life this summer. And I promise… no swirlies.”

Players eager to dive into the scholastic action can participate in an ongoing beta testing phase for Let’s School. To join the beta, interested players need to meet specific criteria, which include owning a PC capable of running the game, entering a non-disclosure agreement, joining the PM Studios Discord for feedback and discussions, providing feedback and impressions of the beta build, and having enthusiasm for games. The beta testing phase aims to gather valuable insights and ensure the game’s optimal performance before its official release.

Sing up for the beta here.

For those curious to experience a taste of Let’s School, a demo is currently available on Steam. The demo showcases the game’s robust customization system, offering players the opportunity to design their ideal learning environment. In Let’s School, each student has unique interests and life plans, posing challenges for the headmaster, such as adequately preparing them for their final exams. The game promises a wealth of in-game events and activities to explore, ensuring an engaging and immersive experience for players.

Stay tuned to the official Steam Page for Let’s School to receive further updates and information about the game’s forthcoming release. Keep your eyes peeled in the weeks ahead for the final release date and platforms on which Let’s School will be available. With its lighthearted approach to management simulation and its focus on creating an enjoyable learning environment, Let’s School offers a refreshing take on the educational genre, making it a must-play game for fans of simulation games and those seeking a delightful and entertaining experience.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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