Poker-lite Deckbuilder Zoeti Release Date Announced

Akupara Games and developer Dusklight Games are thrilled to announce the official release of Zoeti on PC on April 20th! In Zoeti, players wield a deck of playing cards, utilizing card combinations (pair, full house, royal flush, etc.) to trigger abilities for attacking or defending against adversaries. Enhance your repertoire of abilities and upgrades through combat and exploration.

Zoeti is a turn-based roguelike that incorporates a deck of playing cards to generate card combinations, which activate skills during intense battles. Strengthen your collection of abilities via combat, unearthed upgrades, or assistance from local inhabitants, boosting your gameplay strategies to conquer the malevolent forces threatening your domain.


  1. A Royal Flush – Every skill corresponds to a poker hand; the more intricate the hand, the more potent the ability!
  2. Craft a Formidable Arsenal – Acquire, upgrade, or undertake quests to obtain new skills for your runs. Uncover novel synergies to outwit your foes and devise sophisticated tactics.
  3. Decisions Carry Weight – Gamble everything on a challenging encounter with a significant payoff, or opt for the safer route to secure victory.
  4. Encounter Endearing Allies – From Winfred, the jovial innkeeper harboring a potent secret, to Rabelle, the cunning rogue as likely to deceive you as to assist you.
  5. Infinite Possibilities – Experience three distinct game modes with three separate characters across five difficulty levels, encompassing a multitude of builds and hundreds of varied adversaries… Each run is truly unique!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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