Professional gaming streamers Benjamin “DrLupo” LupoSaqib “LIRIK” Zahid and Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar, will all continue to live stream exclusively on Twitch through multi-year content deals. All three deals were facilitated by Loaded, the gamers’ management company responsible for overseeing key areas of each individual’s career, including sponsorships, media licensing, merchandising, book publishing, partnerships, appearances and more.

In total, the trio are some of Twitch’s most popular streamers, representing nearly 550 million combined views. Since joining the service, each have built their own personal brand, garnering an incredible fan following, as well as brand and entertainment opportunities. By re-signing with Twitch, all will continue to provide their fans with the engaging streaming content they know and love. They will also continue to participate in Twitch gaming events and activations throughout the year.

“These professional streamers are a part of the core foundation of Twitch,” said Brandon Freytag, CEO and Founder of Loaded. “Each started to stream in 2011/2012 and have built massive and passionate audiences due to their engaging streams and participation in several iconic events throughout the years. We are excited to have each of them continue their success with Twitch in an even bigger way for more years to come.”

“We’re really excited that DrLupo, LIRIK, and TimTheTatman will keep calling Twitch home.” said Mike Aragon, SVP Content & Partnerships at Twitch. “They’re incredible players and partners and each bring a unique style to their streams that really resonates with their communities. They’ve achieved a lot to date, and we’re thrilled to be able to partner with and invest in them so they can continue to build on that success in the future.”

Professional streamer and gaming commentator, DrLupo joined Twitch in 2012 and receives more than 79M views on the service. In addition to his 3.5M Twitch followers, he has more than 4.4M on Instagram, 1.4m on Twitter, and 1.56m on YouTube. He continues to leverage his popularity for good, raising over $1.3 million for charity partners in 2018, including more than $600,000 in a 24 hour live stream for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital with his second annual livestream event to be held on December 21. Additionally, during the summer of this year (2019) DrLupo raised approximately $960k in approximately 4.5 hours for charity.

Among one of the earliest Twitch streamers, LIRIK joined Twitch in 2011 and receives over 312M views on the service. He now has accumulated more than 2.4M followers on Twitch, 86K on Instagram, 600K on Twitter, and 257K on YouTube.

TimTheTatman is one of the biggest personalities on Twitch and began streaming on the service in 2012. He receives more than 156M views and has more than 4M followers on Twitch. He continues to build a following on other social platforms including 3.2M on Instagram, 1.3M on Twitter and 1.72M on YouTube.

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