Population Zero Gameplay Series Episode 1: Technology and Perks

Exploration is the leading force of Population Zero‘s gameplay. By traveling across Kepler’s multiple regions, players gain new technologies and acquire new abilities or perks. These mechanics allow for character development. Technology points and perks are rewarded for various in-game activities and actions such as reaching a new point of interest, victories in battles against monsters, gathering resources, and crafting new gear.

The players will learn how technologies and perks are acquired and impact character progression. In addition, the video explains the very basics of the game’s crafting system, which is dependent on the Technology Tree.

Combined together, Technologies and perks open up room for players’ creativity during every new seven-day cycle allowing players to develop their colonists in their own personal way.

Population Zero launches May 5th on Steam, and players interested in participating in beta tests can buy a Founder’s Pack on the official site.

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