Portal Knights Review

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What’s better than a game you can just sit down and enjoy? Not much if you ask me. Portal Knights fits this need quite nicely. Is it the time consuming digital delight you’ve feel longing for your whole life? Well let us dive right on in and find out.

While this game may not be the greatest visual work of our generation, it certainly has it’s own particular charm. At first glance the procedural generated islands may appear a bit small but shortly into your adventure we find the quantity and variety of islands rapidly rises to the occasion giving you plenty of room to roam. Portal Kights takes the block based environment we’ve seen rise in popularity and softened it up. They have also given things like trees and grass a pleasant yet subtle dynamic animation.


If exploration isn’t enough to satisfy your needs then fear not, there are lots of other activities to keep you busy. Crafting anyone? Would you like to bulk up and terrorize all the unsuspecting villains? Have at it, all of it. The gentle complexity of the game’s skill system makes endgame content accessible to anyone from your casual gamer to the grinding happy machine who just can’t help but max out “all the things,” without making it boring.

With all the various interest to pursue, and the ability to transition between them on a whim, this game has incredible replay value. Even if you feel you’ve exhausted all the game has to offer just hop over to multiplayer and you’ve added a whole new dimension to the game giving you many more hours of fun. Cooperate, compete or campaign with friends. You may be surprised how rewarding it will be.

So what is my final verdict you ask? Go for it! Portal Knights breaks away from and combines several genres I find particularly enjoyable. Unless you’re only looking for an ultra realistic 4K experience with the greatest story ever told, I believe you will find many entertaining ways to spend your limited amount of screen time. I say it’s worth the purchase, and I hope you are rewarded with the same joy I found on the other end of my first portal.

Graphics: 3.5/5

It isn’t Final Fantasy XV but the graphics fit the game and are well executed.

Gameplay: 4/5

Easy to pick up and run with on the fly without being linear.

Replayability: 4.5/5

So many things to do out of the box and so many ways to approach them, you’ll have a hard time inding the “end” of the game. Also there are events from time to time.

Controls: 4/5

Since this is on PC and console you have your choice of environments to play in. my only complaint is with the targeting system that can be a little cumbersome at times.

Sound: 3/5

Good enough for me. Some sounds glitch and stop working for short periods of time but hopefully this will be resolved in future patches.

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