Set in modern times where the 80s video game crash never happened, Arcade Spirits brings its highly rated, electrifying experience to consoles for the first time on May 1, 2020 across digital and European retail, and in North American stores on May 22. Fans can now preorder a physical copy of the game through major retailers, including GameStop and Best Buy, for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Nintendo Switch™ for $39.99. Digital preorders are also available and includes Xbox One.

Arcade Spirits is a romantic comedy visual novel that takes place in an alternate timeline. Set in the year 20XX, players start work at popular arcade, the Funplex, where they encounter a host of unique personalities. Offering a variety of customization options, players can design who they are and what kind of relationships they develop with each character they meet. Players are frequently confronted with decisions that will ultimately shape their character’s personality and their relationships with others, while guiding the storyline based on their choices.

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Arcade Spirits delivers a cheeky, engaging experience featuring:

  • Customize Everything – From hair style, skin tone, hair color, eye color, pronoun and more.
  • Self-designed Personality – Traits form based on the decisions and relationships the player chooses to make.
  • Unique Characters  Interact with various unique personalities to form platonic friendships or something more intimate, with seven romanceable characters and many other quirky individuals to mingle with.
  • Identity Tracker – Track relationship status with each character and personality traits with the Identity Identifier System, or “IRIS.”
  • Arcade Adventure – Decisions made throughout the game will affect the Funplex’s fate, including the relationships developed or the way key moments of crisis management are handled.

Developed by Fiction Factory Games and published by PQubeArcade Spirits will launch digitally and in European retail on May 1, and in North American stores on May 22. for PlayStation 4 system and Nintendo Switch. Physical edition pre-orders are currently available at GameStop and other major retailers. The digital edition is also available for preorder on both consoles, and including Xbox One. The game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

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