It’s time to go back to the Stone Age with Netmarble Corp, as the company announced it is introducing its internationally-known Stone Age IP to the West with the reveal of StoneAge World, a prehistoric turn-based pet collecting MMORPG for mobile devices. Rewards are now available for those that pre-register the game to download on the App Store and Google Play.

StoneAge World is a turn-based mobile reimagining of the internationally acclaimed Stone Age online RPG. In a world sent back to the prehistoric era, players take on the role of a “Trainer,” a powerful warrior in the land of Tectonika whose responsibility is to protect their land with the use of tamable Pets. Player trainers will have their hands full with over 250 pets to collect, tame and train, running the gamut from iconic prehistoric animals such as Dinosaurs and Wooly Mammoths to more domesticated beasts like Pigs and Wolves, as they explore and defend Tectonika against the threat of an up-and-coming Machine Civilization!

“In Korea, Stone Age originally started out as an online-only title. To date, the brand has grown to see over 200 million players for more than 20 years of collective service from a variety of different games, and we are thrilled to see this franchise come to global market as mobile MMORPG at long last,” said Joong Sun Chang, Executive Producer of Netmarble. “StoneAge World’s bestiary of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, combined with the game’s colorful visual aesthetic, is perfect for those seeking an online world of prehistoric locales filled with powerful creatures to raise and grow alongside with.”

Anyone that pre-registers StoneAge World between now and launch will receive the following prizes:

  • 1,000,000 Stones, StoneAge World’s main currency for those who pre-register at official website
  • 50,000 Shells, additional StoneAge World’s premium currency given for those who pre-register at App Store and Google Play

At pre-registration website, players can also look forward to celebratory events, including:

  • Pet Gift Event – Players will be sent one of attractive hatched pets at launch. By collecting tickets when logging into the official website, or by sharing event news on Facebook one a day, players can hatch new pets from eggs by using 5 tickets at once. Complete all tasks to receive 13 tickets at once
  • Mini-Game Event –Players who successfully capture a pet will get 10 event tickets
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