Prime Gaming April 2021 Update

Here is what’s in store for the April Prime Gaming update.

Free games and content:

  • Exclusive content for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
  • New content for popular Ubisoft titles including Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor
  • The April Free Games with Prime lineup, featuring Move or Die and Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron

All of these offers can be claimed by visiting:

Prime Gaming’s April 2021 update includes:

April’s content includes a new selection of Free Games with Prime, and in-game content for Rainbow Siege Six, For Honor, League of Legends, GTA Online, and more.

Grab the Latest Fall Guys Bundle with Prime Gaming

Available March 25 at 9 am PT Just in time for season 4, Prime Gaming is offering Prime members an exclusive Boxzilla Bundle to help celebrate the success of the hit party game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout!

Appropriately themed for season 4, the bundle includes:

  • Boxzilla Costume
  • 6500 Kudos, to help players fast-track their way to the next in-game goodie

Drop 4 of 6

Spring Into Exclusive Loot Available in Rainbow Siege Six

Available Now April brings special loot for Ubisoft’s online tactical shooter video game. Secure the exclusive Caveira Bundle designed by community artist SAU_SIEGE, including new headgear, uniform, weapon skin, and charm.

Drop 4 of 4

Celebrate Spring with More Free Games!

Add games including Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron and Moving Out to your library

Prime Gaming is adding FIVE FREE games to the library beginning April 1!

  • Move or Die – Couch Party Edition – Enjoy this absurdly fast-paced, 4-player local and online party game where the mechanics change every 20 seconds.
  • The Escapists – Explore in this unique prison sandbox experience, with lots of items to craft and combine in your daring quest for freedom.
  • Moving Out – Indulge in the ridiculous physics-based moving simulator that brings new meaning to “couch co-op.”
  • Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron – Face fearsome war machines in bombastic air battles and boss fights in this vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up game.
  • Before I Forget – Explore the present to uncover the past in a short story of love, loss, and a life well-lived in this emotional narrative exploration game.

Prime Gaming rotates the collection to keep titles fresh, so be sure to grab these games before they’re gone.

Claim A Week’s Worth of Champion Status in For Honor

Available Now Players can look forward to unlocking seven days of Champion Status, which includes XP boosts and more, as well as two Scavenger Crates. Take your heroes to the next level in For Honor, the melee action fighting game set during a medieval, fantasy setting, where the week’s worth of champion status is available until April 24!


Now Available

Prime members can gear up their Roblox avatar with a new Tech Head, and an exclusive bonus skin in Arsenal. Be sure to act fast as this offer expires on April 16!

Drop 8 of 8

Apex Legends

Now Available

Show everyone what Legends are made of with the Adrenaline Affliction skin for Octane!

Drop 3 of 12

Rogue Company

Now Available

Battle in style in the 4×4 team-based multiplayer shooter with the “The King” emote. Be sure to claim this offer before it expires on April 4!

Drop 6 of 12

Epic Seven

Drop 4: Now Available

Drop 5: April 7

Drop 6: April 21

Help begin your journey with the help of:

Drop 4 – 20x Leif until April 7

Drop 5 – 1x Lvl 85 Epic Equipment Set (Speed, 4 parts, Excluding Accessories) through April 21

Drop 6 – Leif x 20 before May 5

Drop 4-6 of 18


Now Available

Be sure to claim the exclusive Infinite Seer Ah Puch skin in the free-to-play, third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game!

Drop 7 of 9

Magic Tiles 3

Now Available

This month, players can unlock a one-Day VIP pass and five additional songs, every week!

Drop 17


Available April 29

Unlock the epic Triggerman Buck Skin in the popular online hero first-person shooter game!

Drop 7 of 9

Clash of Kings

Available April 5

Pick up a free Building Enhancement Pack which includes 2-Hour Building Speedup x1000, 500,000 Food x500 and500,000 Wood x500 though April 6!

Drop 1 of 13


Drop 11: April 14

Drop 12: April 28

Prime members can look forward to claiming Burst Pot x10 through April 28 and Rainbow Vision Sphere x1 until May 12 for WAR OF THE VISION FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS.

Drop 11-12 of 12

Alliance vs. Empire

Drop 4: April 14

Drop 5: April 28

April brings lots of Alliance vs. Empire content, including White Diamond x500, Enhancement Guard Ticket x50! On April 14, Prime Members can also also claim a Hero’s and Treasure’s blessing, and on April 28, players can claim a King’s Blessing and Benuv’s blessing.

Drop 4-5 of 12

Darkness Rises

Drop 6: April 8

Drop 7: April 22

Players can look forward to redeeming the following items:

Drop 6: Rank S++ Costume Choice Box x4: Imperial 2 Costumes

Drop 7: Rank S++ Costume Choice Box x4: Olympian Costumes

Drop 6-7 of 12

MapleStory M

Drop 5: April 7

Drop 6: April 21

Starting April 7 through April 21, Prime Members can claim the Cube box (Red Cube x10, Black Cube x5). Also starting on April 21, be sure to claim an Auto-Battle Charge Ticket (1 hour) x 10 this month!

Drop 5-6 of 12


Drop 2: April 1

Drop 3: April 15

Drop 4: April 29

All through the month of April, players can claim various Special Support Packages in Nexon’s cross-platform MMORPG for both PC and mobile devices.

Drop 2-4 of 12

Voodoo mobile games

Enjoy ad-free play in some of Voodoo’s popular and addicting mobile titles.

Available April 1 – 7 days of ad-free play in

Available April 5 – 7 ad-free days in

Available April 8 – 7 ad-free days for Cube Surfer

Available April 15 – 14 days of ad-free play in Helix Jump

Now Available

Be sure to claim an Easter Potion + 150 DNA in the massively multiplayer online action game!

Drop 10 of 12

Calendar April 2021

  • Now Available Free Games With Prime – Move or Die Couch Party Edition, The Escapists, Moving Out, Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron, Before I Forget
  • Now Available
  • Now Available Apex Legends Drop 3
  • Now Available Epic Seven Drop 4
  • Now Available Fall Guys Drop 4
  • Now Available For Honor Drop 1
  • Now Available Magic Tiles 3
  • Now Available Rainbow Six Siege Drop 4
  • Now Available Roblox Drop 8
  • Now Available Rogue Company Drop 6
  • Now Available SMITE Drop 7
  • March 29 Paladins Drop 7
  • March 31 Last Chance to Claim 20+ Free SNK Games
  • April 1 Last Chance to Claim Bomber Crew Deluxe, Blasphemous, SkyDrift, Boomerang Fu and Tengami
  • April 1 Drop 3
  • April 1 V4 Drop 2
  • April 5 Drop 5
  • April 5 Clash of Kings Drop 1
  • April 7 Epic Seven Drop 5
  • April 7 MapleStory M Drop 5
  • April 8 Cube Surfer! Drop 5
  • April 8 Darkness Rises Drop 6
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