Prime Gaming July 2022 Update

Prime Gaming is thrilled to offer members over 30 free games as part of this year’s Prime Day, happening July 12th – 13th, 2022.

On Prime Day, Prime members can claim an assortment of AAA titles, including Mass Effect Legendary Edition – which includes the award-winning Mass Effect trilogy – GRID Legends, Need for Speed Heat, Star Wars Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy, Star Wars Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast, and Star Wars Republic Commando.

Right now, Prime members can freeload more than 25 indie games instantly from Prime Gaming. Featuring past favorites and first-time releases on Prime Gaming from Curve Games, HandyGames, SNK, and more, including Death Squared, Fatal Fury Special, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Gone Viral, HUE, Metal Slug 2, Pumped BMX Pro, Samurai Shodown II, The Darkside Detective, The King of Fighters 2002, and many more.

Tune in as MrBeast and Ninja Battle for the Ultimate Crown on July 9th, 2022

Amazon’s Crown Channel is hosting a summer heater of its own, with a celebrity gaming battle called Ultimate Crown on July 9th, 2022 (4-7 pm PDT) live on At Ultimate Crown, MrBeast and Ninja will go head-to-head in League of Legends gameplay for the ultimate bragging rights, and to don the 2022 Ultimate Crown Champion’s belt.

Prime members and audiences from around the world can tune in on Twitch and Prime Video to watch Ninja, vs. MrBeast, supported by an all-star lineup of gamers, streamers, and their friends, competing live from Las Vegas at the HyperX Arena. The show will also be simulcast on Prime Video.

Twitch viewers can support their champion with custom emotes that influence the matches in real-time. Prime members and live viewers in the chat will be eligible for giveaways and gifted subs during the stream to get in on the action. Prime members will also have a chance to attend the Ultimate Crown event live in person.

July 2022 Free Games With Prime

Along with Prime Gaming’s Prime Day offer, Prime Gaming is offering customers four additional free titles starting July 1st, 2022! This month’s lineup challenges you to put your brains to the test as you solve the mysteries of Maniac Mansion and develop your own political campaign in Suzerain.

  • Maniac Mansion – Quick! Dr. Fred has kidnapped Sandy and is about to start experimenting on her brain! Follow Dave and his friends as they race to rescue Sandy before she donates her brains to Dr. Fred, and put your own brain to the test to solve the many mysteries of Maniac Mansion!
  • Suzerain – Play as President Rayne in the text-based RPG, where players must lead the nation of Sordland through a looming war, rooted corruption, economic crisis and reform and more, all within the player’s first term.
  • Fishing: North Atlantic – Discover the majestic world of Canadian Nova Scotia while admiring the vast diversity of ocean life. Search the ocean for gold with upgradable fishing boats and various fishing gear as you progress in your fisherman career and explore the North Atlantic.
  • Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark – Unfold a fully-fledged RPG story as you progress through hand-crafted scenarios, controlling your own group of Arbiters, with each character being customizable from a wide selection of classes and abilities.

Amazon Luna’s Prime Gaming Channel July Offerings

Amazon Prime members in the United States have access to the newly released Prime Gaming Channel on Amazon Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service, which gives customers access to play high-quality, immersive games through the cloud on their supported devices. With the new Prime Gaming Channel on Amazon Luna, Amazon Prime customers will have the ability to play a rotating selection of games for free on Luna through a dedicated Channel.

Starting on July 1st, 2022, Prime members will have full access to a new slate of popular games on the Prime Gaming Channel, including Mega Man 11, Overcooked! 2, SkateBIRD, and Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

July 2022 Calendar

  • NOW AVAILABLE Apex Legends – Gibraltar Easy Breezy Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE Battlefield 2042 – Paik Nightbot Skin
  • NOW AVAILABLE Brawlhalla – Grovewarden Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE Call of Duty: Vanguard / Warzone – Shore’s End Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE Dead by Daylight – Online Interview Get-Up Outfit for Haddie Kaur
  • NOW AVAILABLE Destiny 2 – Mic Drop Exotic Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE Fall Guys – Summertime Activities Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE FIFA 22 – Prime Gaming Pack
  • NOW AVAILABLE Grand Theft Auto Online – Get $125K GTAO weekly (25% increase)
  • NOW AVAILABLE GWENT – 1 Ultimate Premium Keg
  • NOW AVAILABLE Hearthstone – 1 Random Guaranteed Legendary Card, Standard Card Packs (x3)
  • NOW AVAILABLE League of Legends – Prime Gaming Capsule
  • NOW AVAILABLE Lost Ark – Penguin Skin Chest
  • NOW AVAILABLE Madden 22 – Prime Ultimate Legends Pack
  • NOW AVAILABLE New World – Assassin’s Whisper Pack
  • NOW AVAILABLE Overwatch – Legendary Loot Box
  • NOW AVAILABLE Pokémon GO – Prime Gaming Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE PUBG: Battlegrounds – 1 Gold G-Coin Box, 10 Contraband Coupons, 30 Polymers
  • NOW AVAILABLE Rainbow Six Siege – Byte Gridlock Operator Set
  • NOW AVAILABLE Roblox – Void Sheep Shoulder Pet
  • NOW AVAILABLE Two Point Hospital – Thrill Ride Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE Valorant – On the Case Buddy
  • NOW AVAILABLE World of Tanks – Exclusive 2D Style Synth Waves, 2 Retrowave Vibes-Themed Decals and 1 Medal, 1 Rental Tanks, Consumables and XP Missions, 1 Day of WoT Premium Account
  • NOW AVAILABLE World of Warships – Premium Cruiser Emden Pack and Deluxe Random Reward
  • NOW AVAILABLE Prime Day 25+ Indie Titles
  • NOW AVAILABLE World of Warcraft – Head-Slot Transmog, Jewel of the Firelord
  • July 1st Free Games With Prime – Maniac Mansion, Suzerain, Fishing: North Atlantic, Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark
  • July 1st Last Chance to Claim Far Cry 4, Escape from Monkey Island, Astrologaster, Across the Grooves, Calico, WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship
  • July 1st Amazon Luna July Prime Gaming Channel Titles – Mega Man 11, Overcooked! 2, SkateBIRD and Castlevania Anniversary Collection
  • July 1st NBA 2K22 – Specific Season 6 MyTEAM Super Pack (including a minimum of 1 player card), 2HR Double XP Coin and Specific MyPLAYER T-Shirt
  • July 5th Legends of Runeterra – 1 Tier 3 Prismatic Chest and 1 Epic Card
  • July 5th Wild Rift – Random Skin Chest
  • July 5th Naraka: Bladepoint – Golden Twilight Background
  • July 5th The Elder Scrolls Online – Windhelm Cliff Ram Mount, Ouroboros Face Markings, and 2x Crates
  • July 5th Red Dead Online – Free Cougar Snarl Emote, Free Vest, Free Navy Revolver, and 5 Gold Bars
  • July 7th Paladins – Brimstone Grohk
  • July 7th SMITE – Regal Warrior Erlang Shen
  • July 8th Splitgate – Epic Forge Rhino Armor, Lightning 2.0 Carbine, Forge Jetpack, and Legendary Ambient SMG
  • July 12th Two Point Hospital – Pinball Machine Bundle
  • July 12th – 13 Prime Day Offers – Mass Effect Legendary Edition, GRID Legends, Need for Speed Heat, Star WarsJedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Star Wars Republic Commando
  • July 21st Wild Rift – Random Emote Chest
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  1. Would be nice if the offer things for ps4/ps5 games more often. Warframe, Fortnite, Final fantasy etc!


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