Prime Gaming May 2021 Update

Here is what’s in store for the May 2021 Prime Gaming update.

Free games and content:

  • Exclusive content for League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, and FIFA 21
  • The May Free Games with Prime lineup, featuring Yoku’s Island Express, Healer’s Quest Beholder, The Blind Prophet, and A Blind Legend

Prime members can claim these offers at As a reminder, Prime Gaming offers are available for a limited time, so be sure to act fast before they disappear!

Claim Up to Five Mystery Skin Shards in League of Legends

Outplay & Out-think! Members can claim up to five mystery skin shards for the wildly popular team-based strategy game, League of Legends!

Drops 10 – 12 – Mystery Skin Shard: Available Now – May 10

Drop 13 – Mystery Skin Shard: May 10 – June 11

Drop 14 – Mystery Skin Shard: May 21 – June 11

Drops 10-14 of 36

Get seven days’ worth of Renown Boosters in Rainbow Six Siege!

Available Now Prime Gaming has more on the way for Ubisoft’s online tactical shooter video game this May. This month, grab up to a week’s worth of Renown Boosters for Rainbow Six Siege gameplay before it expires on May 20.

Drop 5 of 12

Leave It All Out on the Pitch With FIFA Loot

Available Now Players can let their competitive side take over this month in FIFA 21 and build out their dream squad with the latest Prime Gaming FIFA 21 loot. Claim the Exclusive Prime Gaming 81+ OVR Player Pack including 1x guaranteed 81+ OVR Item and 4x rare gold player items.

Drop 4 of 9

Level Up this May with Five New Free Games!

Available May 3rd, 2021 Prime Gaming is excited to bring five new titles to your library starting May 3rd 2021!

  • Yoku’s Island Express – Explore a unique blend of pinball mechanics, platforming, and open-world exploration to unlock the secrets of Mokumana Island, help the locals, awaken ancient deities, and more in this tropical adventure!
  • Healer’s Quest – In this game, take on the role of the most underappreciated party member in any fantasy realm: the Healer.
  • Beholder – Jump into this narrative award-winning dark dystopian adventure, where players are tasked to uncover and report anyone capable of plotting against the state.
  • The Blind Prophet – Play apostle Bartholomeus in his divine mission: liberate the corrupted city of Rotbork, and brave the Great Evil that lurks within.
  • A Blind Legend – The first-ever action-adventure game without video – where ears replace eyes! Discover the original, innovative sensory experience of binaural 3D sound.

Fall Guys

Available Now

Pick up the Fitness Fiesta Costume + 3 Crowns, available until May 20.

Drop 5 of 6

Legends of Runeterra

Available Now

Grab a Free Epic Wildcard this month!

Drop 4 of 12

Red Dead Online

Available Now

Throughout the month of May, Prime Members can claim a Bounty Hunter License, Purple Bounty Wagon Tint, Varmint Rifle, and other free content/rewards.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Available Now

May brings a ton of Grand Theft Auto Online content, with various GTA$ offers, a free Submarine Sonar Station, discounts on a number of vehicles, weapons, and more!


Available Now

Prime Members can level up this month with a 200 IQ Spray in the popular free-to-play hero shooter.

Drop 3 of 10

Destiny 2

Available Now

Improve your arsenal with May’s offerings, including a Spicy Ramen Exotic Emote, Ikora’s Resolve Exotic Ship, Future Perfect Exotic Ghost Shell and a Jagged Darksum Legendary Sparrow.

Drop 6 of 12

Madden NFL 21

Coming in May

Just in time for the 2021 NFL draft, be sure to grab 1x 89-95 OVR NAT Past Draft Player.

Drop 9 of 11

Last Day on Earth

Available Now

Grab the Rank III Husky Puppy to assist you in the survival shooter set in the post-apocalyptic world.

Drop 2 of 16

Epic Seven

Drop 8: Now Available

Drop 9: May 5

Drop 10: May 19

Prevent the destruction of the 7th world with help from:

Drop 8 – 20 x Leif through May 5

Drop 9 – 5x Greater Equipment Charms, 500,000 Gold by May 19

Drop 10 – 1 x Tera – Phantasma, 6 x Giga – Phantasma, 300,000 Gold before June 2

Drop 8-10 of 18

Voodoo mobile games

Enjoy ad-free play in some of Voodoo’s popular and addicting mobile titles.

Available May 3 – 7 ad-free days in

Available May 6 – 14 ad-free days for Cube Surfer

Available May 13 – 7 days of ad-free play in Helix Jump

MLB Tap Sports Baseball

Drop 3: Now Available

Drop 4: May 12

Drop 5: May 25

In conjunction with the resumption of the MLB season, Prime Gaming is pleased to give its members Daily Box and In-game Currency for mobile gameplay.

Drops 3-5 of 16


Now Available

Unlock an exclusive Nova Strike Kinessa skin available to Prime members.

Drop 8 of 9


Now Available

Pick up your very own Blue Samurai Mask and other Playercard Items, Blue Samurai Mask, Unique Player card and Picture Unique Playercard Background.

Drop 4 of 6

World Farm Adventure

Now Available

Players can collect the Booster Pack, which includes a number of loot such as hammer, hbomb, vbomb, fireworks, timer, magic wand, level reveal, ant, and woodpecker.

Drop 1 of 4


Now Available

Calling all SMITE fans: Snag an exclusive Archangel Chernobog skin while you can!

Drop 8 of 9

MapleStory M

Drop 7: May 5

May 5 through May 19, Prime Members can claim the Legendary Whetstone Box, containing Mysterious Weapon Whetstone Legendary x50, and Mysterious Armor Whetstone Legendary x100.

Drop 7 of 12

Magic Tiles 3

May 6

This month, players can unlock a OneDay VIP pass and 5 additional songs, every week!

Drop 22


Now Available

Prime members can claim the Rainbow Vision Sphere x1 until May 12.

Drop 12 of 12

Darkness Rises

Drop 8: May 6

Drop 9: May 20

Players can look forward to redeeming the following items:

Drop 8: Rank S++ Costume Choice Box x4: King’s Guard Costumes

Drop 9: Rank S++ Costume Choice Box x4: Knighthood Costumes

Drop 8-9 of 12

Alliance vs. Empire

Drop 6: May 12

Beginning May 12, Prime members can claim content including White Diamond x500, Enhancement Guard Ticket x50, Hero’s Blessing x1, and Treasure’s Blessing x1.

Drop 6 of 12

Calendar May 2021

Now Available Destiny 2 Drop 6

Now Available Epic Seven Drop 8

Now Available Fall Guys Drop 5

Now Available FIFA Drop 4

Now Available Last Day on Earth Drop 2

Now Available League of Legends Drops 10 – 12

Now Available Legends of Runeterra Drop 4

Now Available MLB Tap Sports Baseball Drop 3

Now Available Mobile Legends Bang Bang Drop 2

Now available Paladins Drop 8

Now Available Rainbow Siege Six Drop 5

Now available Red Dead Online content

Now available SMITE Drop 8

Now available UFC Drop 4

Now Available VALORANT Drop 3


Now available World Farm Adventure Drop 1

May 3 Free Games With Prime – Yoku’s Island Express, Healer’s Quest Beholder, The Blind Prophet, and A Blind Legend

May 3 Last Chance to Claim Move or Die Couch Party Edition, The Escapists, Moving Out, Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron, and Before I Forget

May 5 Epic Seven Drop 9

May 5 MapleStory M Drop 7

May 6 Magic Tiles 3 Drop 22

May 6 Darkness Rises Drop 8

May 10 League of Legends Drop 13

May 12 MLB Tap Sports Baseball Drop 4

May 12 Alliance vs. Empire Drop 6

May 13 Grand Theft Auto Online Content

May 19 Epic Seven Drop 10

May 20 Darkness Rises Drop 9

May 21 League of Legends Drop 14

May 25 MLB Tap Sports Baseball Drop 5

Coming in May Madden Drop 9

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