Professional streamer Anne Munition announced today that she will be extending her relationship with Twitch, livestreaming exclusively on the service through a multi-year content deal. Through this deal, she will continue to livestream at, playing a variety of FPS titles, including Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and battle royales for her fans fondly known as The Armory.

A Los Angeles native, Anne Munition began streaming in 2014 while still working as a graphic designer. She soon became a Twitch Partner and made the transition to streaming full-time in 2016. With over 600,000 followers, Anne Munition has built her brand on kindness and inclusivity. She uses her platform to stream gaming content as well as have meaningful conversations about creating a welcoming environment for everyone looking to join the gaming and streaming communities.

“I have been gaming since I was seven years old, so to have the privilege of doing this for the last six years has been an amazing journey. Twitch has given me a platform to create a community based on kindness that is accepting to everyone regardless of skill level or gaming knowledge,” said Anne Munition. “I’m looking forward to creating more fun streaming content for The Armory as well as reach other members within the gaming community. This deal with Twitch allows me to shine light on my mission and do what I love!”

“Anne Munition’s channel and presence on Twitch embody the purpose of our service: a place where communities can grow and thrive through meaningful conversations and welcoming online environments,” said Michael Aragon, SVP of Content at Twitch. “Since joining Twitch in 2014, Anne Munition has made it her mission to create a safe space for people online. Whether it’s streaming a battle royale or simply going live to check-in, you can truly feel how much she cares about her community. We feel privileged to continue our partnership with Anne Munition and are excited to bring her content and positivity to even more people over the next several years.”

Anne Munition’s renewed deal with Twitch was facilitated by Loaded, the gamers’ management company responsible for overseeing key areas of each individual’s career, including sponsorships, media licensing, merchandising, book publishing, partnerships, appearances and more. Anne Munition signed with Loaded in 2017, joining a roster of the world’s biggest gaming content creators and influencers.

“We are thrilled for Anne Munition to extend her deal with Twitch, so she can continue empowering others to join the gaming community and engage with her existing loyal fanbase,” Brandon Freytag, co-founder and SVP, Talent of Loaded. “Twitch has recognized her talent and passion for streaming for many years, and has given her a platform to truly shine, sharing her positivity with others. As she continues to grow within her career, this deal will allow her to be even more creative and share her passion with broader audiences.”

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