Psycho-Horror Cooking Simulator Ravenous Devils Launches April 29th 2022

Ravenous Devils is not for the faint of heart. Set in a gruesome 19th-century setting reminiscent of the tales of Sweeney Todd, players will embark on a hellish quest ridden with murder and crime, with Percival and Hildred, a horridly happy (and deviously entrepreneurial) married couple.

Open up shop, run their tailor and pub, become beloved establishments, and dodge getting caught!

Envisioning Success for their Pub and Tailor Shops, The Gruesome Twosome, Hildred, and Percival, will get there by Any Means. On the menu? The Finest Meat, Procured from the Unlucky Citizens who Visit their Stores.

Will the Stitchings Unravel and Taste-buds Turn Sour, when the Public Begins to Suspect the Two may be up to no Good?

Bad Vices Games, Italian indies working on their third major release, and Troglobytes Games, seasoned-veteran game developers and now publishers based in Spain, are thrilled to announce the date for the full release of Ravenous Devils, their psycho-horror cooking simulator, on Steam, EGS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Xbox One & Series X|S on April 29th!

Inspired by the historic, creepy back-streets of 19th Century London, embark on a hellish quest with Percival and Hildred, a horridly-happy married couple, in the pursuit to fulfill their lofty ambitions of becoming the best tailor and eatery establishments in the city. Move over Sweeney Todd, there’s a new criminalistic duo in town!

The key to success? Loyal (and delicious) clients of course! Once they step in, however, most never come out. Use Percival to slaughter shoppers looking for a new outfit, dropping their lifeless bodies through a hidden trapdoor, where Hildred’s concoctions of meat pies, sausages, and steaks made out of human flesh are served on a platter, unbeknownst to those who have the twisted pleasure in eating them. The leftover clothes? Percival will mix and match, patch them up, and flog them as his own fashionable garments.

Will you be able to continuously point and click to alternate cooking, stitching, cleaning, upgrading equipment, and expanding their empire, or will the blood on their hands become too much for them to hide?

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