PUBG MOBILE Announces ‘The Walking Dead’ Boardgame Event and iPhone Giveaway!

Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation are excited to announce “The Walking Dead” Boardgame event as well as the Fancy October iPhone giveaway for PUBG Mobile players. Recently character skins, weapons, and vehicles from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” were added for fans in PUBG Mobile. To celebrate “The Walking Dead” coming to PUBG Mobile and the spooky season, the developers have added in the boardgame event in which players can unlock a permanent version of Daryl Dixon’s motorcycle, as well a chance for players to win one of ten iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

To unlock Daryl’s motorcycle players will need to log into the game and participate in daily event missions. Completing missions will earn players fuel which they can then use to advance on the gameboard. Each time players move to a new space on the board they’ll trigger a random event which will earn them points or random rewards, players will also be able to choose a vehicle to move around the board with.

Picking a vehicle will have to be done wisely however as some spaces on the board will cost players points, switching vehicles at strategic moments will allow players to avoid losing points. Reaching the finish line will give players the chance to earn additional rewards and points as well as refreshing the game board. Once players have earned 120 points they’ll be able to unlock Daryl’s motorcycle and permanently add it to their collection.

Daryl's Motorcycle_TWD_PUBGM-EN

Throughout the month of October, players will also be able to complete in-game events for their chance to win an iPhone 11 Pro Max during the Fancy October Giveaway. For players in North American, Latin American and South American regions logging in for 15 total days throughout the giveaway will also unlock a permanent DCAMO-R45 weapon skin. To stay up to date on the Fancy October Giveaway visit the official Facebook or Twitter.

Players can start their “Walking Dead” Boardgame Challenge now to unlock their own permanent Daryl Dixon Motorcycle. PUBG Mobile is available to play for free on iOS and Android.


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