PUBG MOBILE Developer Interview Sheds light on Chat System, Clans and more

New PUBG MOBILE Dev Talk provides info on Chat System, Clans, and more.

PUBG MOBILE has released its latest Dev Talk, answering key questions from players about PUBG MOBILE and its plans for future improvements. Dev Talks occur once every two months, providing a direct update on the game’s upcoming features straight from the dev team to the players. During the most recent event, developers dove into details about upcoming changes to the Chat System, Clans, and more.

For the Chat System, PUBG MOBILE will add new limits on team invites from other players to avoid annoying repeat requests, merge the Team Recruitment and the Recruitment channel, and update the friend chat menu. Additionally, the developers are looking at implementing ways players can invite friends offline, by potentially using other social platforms.

As for Clans, the devs are looking into more varied Clan battles through adding more players into the mix, alongside updating Clan notification and chat features. The devs will continue to add fun new training content such as race tracks, shooting ranges, 1v1 competitive matches, and more.


Q: Strangers keep inviting me to join their team, which gets very annoying. Can I block them?

A: You are right! Some players do feel harassed when strangers’ actions are excessive. We will add an option in the settings of the new version, which players can enable to avoid unwanted harassment.

Q: The Team Recruitment feature and Recruitment channel aren’t very useful. Will this be improved?

A: We are planning to merge the underutilized Team Recruitment feature with the Recruitment channel and upgrade it. We hope the upgraded feature will help everyone team up and rank up even faster.

Q: The friend list refreshes/moves too quickly, so I often send invites to the wrong player. Will a solution be implemented?

A: In the newest version, we will improve the system that is used to display chat messages with friends. Regarding how the friend list refreshes too quickly, our developer in charge of responding to this issue is working on a solution, and an improvement will be implemented in the newest version.

Q: Is it possible to implement a feature that allows players to send invites to offline members? Without this feature, they cannot be contacted.

A: Our technicians are looking at the possibility of connecting the game with social platforms so that social platforms can push messages from the game to players to help players contact offline friends.

But the technology required to implement this feature is relatively complex, so it will take some time before it can be implemented. We will let everyone know when more progress is made.

Q: The user experience of the World Chat is poor and most messages in the chat room are harmful advertisements (e.g. Add me to get UC). Can you improve the filtering system and the management here?

A: Yes, we take the negative effects of harmful advertisements on the Chat system very seriously. We are always expanding our database of blocked terms in various languages for chats to filter out more harmful advertisements.

While the rate of progress for each language may differ, we are always striving to make improvements as a whole. If you see any words pop up all the time, you can also notify our community managers.


Q: I like Clans and hope there can be more types of Clan battles, such as 6v6 or 8v8. Is that possible?

A: We also hope players can have a good social atmosphere in Clans. We will test Clan battles in a recent version. If the effect is good, we will consider adding it to the game.

At the same time, we’ve added a new 8v8 Santorini Arena map. We hope everyone will like it.

On a side note, would you want to play a battle royale mode with more than 4 players?

Q: I hope that the Clan leader and deputy leader will be able to pin group notices at the top.

A: In the newest version, we’ll improve group notices and group notifications.

Q: Can you add a Clan chat feature?

A: An in-game chat feature is already available. We hope you like it. Please share your comments about your experiences with us at any time so we can refer to them and make improvements.


Q: I like the Cheer Park a lot and hope a car racing mode and other interactive fun modes can be added to it. Are there any plans to do something like this?

A: We take the Cheer Park feature very seriously and hope players can have a place to relax, develop their friendships with other players, train their skills, among other things.

We will continue to add new fun, training content such as race tracks, shooting ranges, 1v1 competitive matches, etc. This is a matter we have been working on for a long time now. New interactive modes are also around the corner!

Q: I want to be able to privately customize my Cheer Park, invite friends and fans to rooms with an invite code, and invite more than 3-4 players.

A: You can now use room cards to create your own private Cheer Park. Go to the Treasures tab in the Shop to purchase a Cheer Park Room Card.

Q: I hope the players will be able to train in the shooting range in the Cheer Park by shooting at running or jumping AI targets instead of static targets.

A: The professional standard Training Grounds and Reaction Training Grounds have already been added to the Cheer Park with the option to shoot at both simple and complex moving targets. More new types will be added later!

Q: Other players interrupt me when I’m practicing in the shooting range, and some players try to detonate vehicles to create noise. Will any improvements be made to deal with this situation?

A: In essence, Cheer Park is made to encourage players to relieve their stress, train, and have fun. However, the destructive actions of some players may be a nuisance to other players. We are currently thinking of a solution and will implement some improvements in the newest version, but it might take some time.


Q: Can you increase the rewards for recalling friends to the game?

A: We have already increased the rewards for recalling friends to the game in the Flora Menace version update in September. We will add new missions and event rewards in the update in January!


Q: Will the sharing rewards and methods be updated in the game?

A: This question involves a lot of content. On one hand, we hope to provide players with more content to share; on the other hand, we hope to standardize things. We will implement improvements in the new version.


Q: Wouldn’t it be more convenient for players to check RP missions if they could be viewed during battles?

A: In future versions, we are preparing to add a missions panel that can be accessed in battles. This will show players the progress of missions.

We want players to be able to complete missions in a more targeted manner.


Q: Does it support iOS 90 fps?

A: Because many players have asked this question, we pushed our programmers for an answer before the Meet the Developers event, and it has been confirmed that version 1.7 already supports iOS 90 fps.


Q: If possible, I want to be able to experience different paces of battle and strategies in Classic ranked matches, so I’m curious about what adjustments and designs the developers would adopt.

A: You aren’t the only ones to ask this question as the developers of PUBG MOBILE are also very concerned about this question.

In the last few versions, we noticed that the Shop feature and respawn system were very popular. In the newest version to be released in January, we will add these systems to the unranked modes and consider adding them to ranked modes.

Q: It is possible to reload while scoped in Game for Peace but not in PUBG MOBILE. I hope this feature can be added to PUBG MOBILE.

A: This is a very interesting feature, and we will add it in an upcoming version.

Q: When will the unranked Classic Modes be released? With unranked, players will have less pressure as they can do what they want without worrying about their KD stats.

A: Ranked and unranked modes will be separated in the next version update.

We hope this will reduce the pressure experienced by some players. We also hope players can maintain a good competitive environment in the unranked modes.


Q: How can players report websites that develop cheats? We hope that internet celebrities can have a dedicated channel for reporting.

A: We will create an exclusive channel in the community. We have zero-tolerance for cheating! Let’s work together to curb cheating!

Q: We hope the player reporting system can be improved as it is currently necessary to add a player as a friend to report them.

A: This is a good idea! We will remove this restriction in the newest version so that players can report other players directly without adding them as a friend, which will make it more convenient to report cheating!

Q: Will you consider giving back rating points or giving some rating compensation to players who are defeated because of cheating?

A: We also hate cheating! If we notice any cheaters, we will give out rating points and challenge points as compensation to players defeated by cheaters in the last 7 days. Don’t worry!

Q: Some players exploit in-game bugs to get an advantage. Is there any way we can report these players, and are there any corresponding penalty measures?

A: In the reporting system of the game, players can specify the exploitation of bugs as the reason for filing the report, so you can choose this option when filing a report. Once the report has been verified by a security investigator, such players will be penalized.

We have also added an exclusive link for reporting cheating in the community. Please help us protect the gaming environment.


Q: Is it possible to stop multiple players from logging in to the same account?

A: We have already implemented account restrictions in the newest version. Each account can only be logged in on 3 devices. The developers are currently reviewing the effect of this to decide whether further adjustments are needed. Please share your comments with us too!

Q: Is it possible to add mini-tournaments or weekly tournaments?

A: The All-Talent Championship weekly matches are currently available in all versions of the game, and players can get great items and titles as rewards from this. We have also linked up with the GameTV third-party tournament app to make it easier for players to organize similar events.

Keep following our community as we will continue to organize all sorts of themed mini-tournaments.

Q: In offline tournaments, some players will chat with their friends via friend list Chat and will notify players of the whereabouts of their enemies from the perspective of a spectator. Is there any solution to this problem?

A: We have delayed the transmission of messages sent via the official platform to address part of this problem. We are currently checking the Chat feature of third-party platforms to prevent the same issue from recurring.


Q: Is it possible to prohibit players from using players’ IDs as their nicknames? Some players use other players’ ID as their nickname with a pornographic avatar to blackmail them.

A: This problem also bothers us. In September last year and during the BLACKPINK collaboration, some players registered accounts with the ID of 4 members, which resulted in some gifts being sent to the wrong players. At that time, we forcefully changed their account names via the system, created 4 new accounts with the nicknames, and wrote “I’m not this person” in the avatar. Hahaha, it’s quite funny but also rather embarrassing.

Getting back to the point, we will make it so that players can’t have a nickname that only consists of numbers in the newest version.

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