PUBG Mobile Introduces Golden Moon: The Tides Campaign for Ramadan, Featuring New Events and Rewards

PUBG Mobile, a widely popular mobile game, is commemorating the holy month of Ramadan with the introduction of Golden Moon: The Tides, the latest installment in the Golden Moon campaign series. The Tides presents an engaging narrative centered around family and reunion, accompanied by a host of limited-time events and exclusive rewards.

Golden Moon: The Tides builds upon the success of last year’s Golden Moon campaign by offering players a fresh storyline set under the mesmerizing glow of the Golden Moon. The plot revolves around a divided family who come together to defend themselves against an unexpected enemy attack.

The Tides campaign not only delivers a captivating story but also introduces new content such as the Golden Moon crate, Moondrop Eterna event, and the Golden Moon Bazaar, which opens today. Players can participate in these events to unlock exclusive Golden Moon sets, including Crescent Princess, Resplendent Prince, and Moondrop Eterna.

Starting today, players can explore the Golden Moon Bazaar’s grand opening in PUBG Mobile. This luxurious lobby features a range of events like Golden Moon Treasure, Golden Moon Showdown, Golden Moon Blessing, Popularity Ranking, and the Eid al-Fitr Feast. Exclusive rewards, such as the permanent Tide Soldier Set, await those who participate. However, players must act quickly, as the Golden Moon Bazaar’s offerings are only available until April 30th.

Also available until April 14th is the Golden Moon crate, which contains various rewards like the Crescent Princess set, Resplendent Prince set, Golden Prince / Dancing Princess / Golden Trigger set. Additionally, players can engage in the Moondrop Eterna event, running until April 26th, featuring the Moondrop Eterna ultimate set and a new upgradable M249 gun.

To enhance the Golden Moon festivities, PUBG Mobile has collaborated with Synchron Stage Vienna to produce an original symphonic piece titled “PUBG MOBILE | GOLDEN MOON: THE TIDES.” An accompanying music video will be released soon. Players can obtain this unique music piece in-game through the Golden Moon Bazaar and keep it permanently in their collection.

PUBG Mobile’s Golden Moon: The Tides campaign offers a heartfelt narrative, numerous events, and exclusive rewards to celebrate the month of Ramadan. Players can take part in these festivities and immerse themselves in the new content, including the upcoming music video from Synchron Stage Vienna.

Platforms: iOS, Andriod

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