PUBG Mobile ‘Season 19: Traverse’ Live Today

PUBG MOBILE is excited to share the details of Royale Pass Season 19: Traverse, which sees a whole host of new content, rare items, and missions added to the world’s most popular mobile game.

Beginning on June 9th 2021 players can transform into a miniature insect character and experience this adventure via a series of strange labs found on the Erangel map.

Players can enjoy new finishes for the Mini 14, AKM, Thompson, and Motorcycle. RP Badges are now available, with players able to show off their Royale Pass progress to foes. A one-time RP 3rd Anniversary Custom crate, which includes several rare items, can also be opened. Finally, a new mission and season content have been added, along with bug fixes and changes for player optimization. Royale Pass Season 19 is now available as part of PUBG MOBILE’s Version 1.4 content update, which is available now for free via the App Store and Google Play Store.

In Royale Pass Season 19: Traverse, players can jump-start their adventure into the unknown as they transform into miniature insect players. In this state, players can only fight other insect players with special weapons and cannot be killed with normal weapons except for pans. On June 9th, players will be able to experience this adventure by traveling to a series of strange Labs found on the Erangel map.

Additionally, a special RP 3rd Anniversary Custom Crate is now available to open. Players shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity, as rare items from the previous 6 seasons are returning. You can also BAN PICK your crate for the option to customize your rewards!

Season 19 also introduces several new items, available to unlock through progression in the Royale Pass ranks. Players can unlock both The Insect Queen-Mini 14 and the Wonderland-AKM to battle enemies in style. At Rank 100, players have the choice of the Wonderland Motorcycle or General Beetle-Thompson set.

For those who want to show off their Royale Pass progression, RP Badges have now been introduced. These badges allow players to display their RP progress and information. Exclusive privileges for certain badges will be added in the future, so stay tuned for further updates.

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