QubicGames are still celebrating their 15th birthday and now have even more reasons to rejoice!

Existing owners of any paid QubicGames’ titles on Nintendo Switch will also be able to download a free copy of Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition, as soon as the game becomes available on Switch – meaning May 31st this year!

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If you already own one of our paid titles on Nintendo Switch, you automatically receive for a limited time an Owner’s Discount for the new games released during the anniversary celebration.

Most of the older games of QubicGames are now discounted (between 80% and 94%) to make it easier to enjoy this special offer! And you can even already get a free copy of Robonauts by subscribing to QubicGames’ newsletter via https://qubicgames.com/.

So finally here’s a word about these new titles QubicGames is recently adding to the Nintendo Switch family:

Blazing beaks

Blazing Beaks (available from May 10th) – 50% Owner Discount

Use your one-of-a-kind bird skills to whack every nasty thing in your way, so it returns whence it came. Explore tons of randomly generated levels bursting with secrets, and unravel the mysteries you chance upon. You’ll hear the sweet voice of powerful artifacts calling your name, but beware of their dark force. Think twice before picking them up, as they will prey on your greed, leading eventually to your annihilation.

Buy the game here: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/blazing-beaks-switch/


Akane (available from May 17th) – 50% Owner Discount

A brutal arena arcade slasher based on one-hit-one-kill gameplay mechanics, where the player has only one goal – to kill as many opponents as possible before dying. To achieve that, players have a diversified arsenal of weapons and special skills at their disposal – all to face different types of opponents along the way. Buy the game here: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/akane-switch/

Hungry Baby

Hungry Baby: Party Treats (available from May 24th) – 50% Owner Discount

A funny and innovative multiplayer game that can be enjoyed by up to four players. Gather your friends together on the couch and let the gameplay unravel and find out which one of you is the fastest and… the sweetest! Check out the unforgettable Party Mode or try the campaign and discover just how finger-licking good Hungry Baby: Party Treats really is! Pre-order the game here: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/hungry-baby-party-treats-switch/


Warlocks 2: God Slayers (available from June 7th – pre-orders from May 28th) – 50% Owner Discount

An action-packed, humorous RPG, where you take charge of mighty Warlocks and slay the arrogant gods that dare to stand in your way. Challenge them alone or with up to four friends in local or online co-op. Encounter all kinds of hilarious pixel art characters on your journey but don’t be fooled: these wacky creatures will be free to use any means necessary, including their special skill sets, to take you down. With the aid of giant bosses, they will put your skills to the test. Slay or get slain. There’s no other way. The game will be available for pre-order starting May 28th and the launch is on June 7th.


Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition (available from May 31st) – Get a -100% Discount if you own any QubicGames’ title

Transform your mustached hero into a raging force of destruction or a super speedy gnome to overcome Gekiyaba’s toughest obstacles to face the ultimate challenge. Can you face every hurdle to save the princess in peril? Begin your challenging and amazing adventure! Test your skills in over 80 ultrahard levels. Transform your hero into a raging beast or a lightning-fast sprinting athlete. Stay focused and don’t get distracted by the illusions of the boss castles. The game will launch on Nintendo Switch on May 31st.

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