Racing Game Series Assetto Corsa Mobile Comes to iOS

Assetto Corsa Mobile, a new portable version of 505 Games’ flagship racing game series developed by Digital Tales, puts pedal to the metal and launches on iPhone and iPad today for $4.99 USD.

Take the feel of a real driver’s seat on the go with nine different laser-scanned tracks, each with variable weather and time-of-day conditions for high replayability. Customize Assetto Corsa Mobile’s inputs with tilt functionality, touchpad controls, and acceleration assist to make racing challenging, yet comfortable.

Strap into 59 different official race cars and master the circuit in six different game modes: lock down the best lap time in Time Attack, practice consistency in Endurance, or break new records in Speed Camera.

This newest take on the gold standard in simulation racing games lands on iOS devices courtesy of developer Digital Tales, building off the years of craft and knowledge from KUNOS Simulazioni to deliver an unparalleled driving experience on mobile devices.

Inspired by the acclaimed Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Mobile simulates the feel of a real driver’s cockpit. Choose from six different modes: start with Practice to learn the ropes, then move on to Classic Race to test those skills. Compete for the best lap time in Time Attack, hone consistency in Endurance, learn to maneuver around opponents in Overtake, and strive for pure velocity in Speed Camera.

Get behind the wheel of 59 official race cars and speed down 9 different circuits, each laser-scanned directly from Assetto Corsa. Each track has time of day variations and weather conditions — rain challenges even the most seasoned racers. Digital Tales took special care with Assetto Corsa Mobile’s controls to make even racing in the rain fun: customize inputs with tilt functionality, touchpad controls, and acceleration assist.

To celebrate this mobile release, 505 Games partnered with high-profile racing brands including Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Maserati to ensure a white-knuckle racing experience in the best cars on the market. The Assetto Corsa brand has a history of realism and challenge that has long captivated professional drivers like Charles LeClerc and Valentino Rossi.

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