Radio Commander Heads to the Pacific in New Strategic Series

Publisher Game Operators and Squadron Studio are thrilled to announce Radio Commander: Pacific Campaign — the next entry in the series of innovative strategies. The new game will invite players to become American commanders on the Pacific front of WW2.

“A piece of paper makes You an officer, a radio makes You a commander”. Lead allied troops through the Pacific in Radio Commander: Pacific Campaign
How does one coordinate warfare on over 165 million square kilometers of ocean, where every island means a bloody battle? A radio and information prove to be the most important weapons in this struggle. Become an American commander on the Pacific front of WW2 in Radio Commander: Pacific Campaign, the next entry in the series of innovative strategies.

In 2019 Radio Commander set a new approach toward strategy games. Players worked on command charts and issued orders to the troops by radio – receiving feedback from the soldiers the same way. The battlefield was no longer viewed through an invisible camera hovering over pawn soldiers. Now publisher Game Operators and the developers at Squadron Studio invite commanders to a new theater of war – the 1941-45 Pacific front.

The Pacific war showed how information and its flow influence warfare. Intelligence, codebreakers, and misinformation were essential for both sides of the conflict. Radio Commander: Pacific Campaign is divided into two tiers of command. As strategic commanders players will coordinate the war effort on the whole theater from a spacious war room. Then, as tactical Battle Commanders, they will lead troops, while giving orders from a cramped cabin of their flagship.

With a radio in hand, players will lead troops both on land and sea, managing the offensive and trying not to lose precious ground. Apart from the transmitter and receiver other tools will be essential for victory. The radar will indicate enemy movement and a mission board will highlight the fleet’s objectives. The commander will be assisted by a chief of staff who will lay down important information during combat.

The in-game field troops and officers are dubbed by real-life soldiers. This gives Radio Commander: Pacific Campaign a unique feel and allows to form a bond between the player and his subordinates, who are no longer pawns on a chessboard, but real people are thrown into the tropical hell of WW2.

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