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Players looking for another way to take out reinforced barricades got some good news this morning as the teaser video below revealed Hibana, one of the two new Operators coming in Operation Red Crow. The video shows Hibana shooting a cluster of six projectiles which land on a reinforced wall and start burning. What size hole these explosives will leave in a reinforced wall (or in a regular wall, for that matter) remains to be seen, but it’s a safe bet that defenders on the other side won’t be too happy about it.

Her real name is Yumiko Imagawa, and she earned the nickname Hibana (which means “spark” in Japanese) for her skills with explosives. Hibana is the first of the two new Japanese S.A.T. Operators to be revealed, and in keeping with the close-quarters focus of this unit, she will be armed with the SuperNova and Type-89 as primary weapons, and the PM9 and P229 as secondary weapons. To read more about her background and connection with a certain FBI SWAT operator, check out the announcement story on the official Rainbow Six Siege website.

The reveal of the second new Operator and a demo of the two in action are coming later this week. Tune in to twitch.tv/rainbow6 on November 12 and 13 to see a live panel and demo of Operation Red Crow, and to catch all the action from the Pro League Semifinals and Finals in Katowice, Poland. For more on Rainbow Six Siege, check out the UbiBlog’s previous coverage below:

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