‘Ramiwo’ Now On STEAM™ Offers A Unique Exploration Game

Ramiwo, an incredible gameplay experience like no other has officially launched on PC via STEAM™. Ramiwo, an acronym for “Random Mixed Worlds” offers you to explore the wonders of a cubed universe. The game has been produced by indie developers Bill Deerbuch and Matto, industry veterans with more than 15 years of combined AAA experience from other productions. Ramiwo is a project of passion created in their spare time with emphasis on creative innovation in unique environments.

Ramiwo challenges you to visit a vast variety of wonderful worlds. Part of the game is discovering how to play and ultimately traverse and navigate to worlds end. With 96 worlds to visit and 4 gates leading from one to the next, you will enjoy abandoned cities, lush nature and surreal landscapes on your adventure. Worlds are marked on a cube and explored areas are visually marked while unknown worlds remain hidden. Ramiwo offers wonderful journey to beautiful and mysterious lands in a compelling download of bliss.

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