Ratoidvania Adventure Curse of the Sea Rats Gets Release Date and New Boss Trailer

PQube and developer Petoons Studio are excited to reveal that the upcoming ‘ratoidvania’ adventure ‘Curse of the Sea Rats’, is releasing on April 6th, 2023 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One.

Embark on the epic journey of four prisoners of the British empire, transformed into rats by the notorious pirate witch, Flora Burn. To regain their human bodies, they will have to fight many dangerous bosses, uncover the secrets of the vast Irish coast, and ultimately capture the witch who cursed them.


The pirate witch Flora Burn will send her fiercest captains to try and halt your progress as you try to reverse her evil spell. Here is a small selection of some of the many bosses you will encounter in your adventure! Study their attack patterns and hone your reflexes to survive these dangerous encounters.

Krabawaki & King Clapper

Killer Crabs with Even Bigger Claws:

Transformed by the evil magic of Flora Burn, these killer crustaceans block the path to anyone wanting to leave Shipwreck Beach. A hoarder of gold and lover of all things shiny, the esteemed King Clapper rides atop the mighty Krabawaki inside his treasure chest-turned-hermit shell.

Under King Clapper’s direction, the monstrous Krabawaki uses his immense size and hard shell to ram into his victims. Despite his size, Krabawaki can quickly charge forward, leaping into the air and using his full weight to crush anyone unlucky enough to get caught! Beware his mighty roar capable of shaking the rickety bridge under which he dwells, causing dangerous debris to rain down.

Freddy Eightfingers

The Sadistic Spider:

As twisted as he is terrifying, Freddy Eightfingers’ malicious personality is matched only by his horrifying hybrid form. Flora Burn’s curse seems to have affected him differently than the others with the entire lower half of his body being that of a giant spider!

Thanks to his arachnoid characteristics, Freddy can freely swing around the dingy caves of Spider’s Nest as well as trap any Sea Rat caught off guard with the use of his web. Armed with two curved blades he scurries around the cave floor, slashing anything in his way at great speeds. With his affinity for creepy crawlies, Freddy can also summon his hatchlings to aid him in battle.

Rama Cinnamon & Banana

Toucan Play at this Game:

High above the treetops of Eriu’s Forest awaits Rama Cinnamon and her faithful pet, the splendid toucan, Banana. Sharp-tongued and razor-fast with her whip, the sultry Rama possesses a natural affinity for nature allowing her to manipulate plants and animals to her will.

Rama can direct a tangle of thorns to attack her adversaries, will leap into the air in a swirling vortex of whip lashes, and utilize her spinning attack to whirl back and forth across the stage. Not one to be taken down easily, Rama will call upon her toucan to bail her out of trouble. Astride the giant bird’s back, Rama commands Banana to unleash powerful gusts of wind to blow her enemies away!

Fatso & Fatsie

The Troublesome Twins:

Fatso and Fatsie are the life of the party. Brash and brutish, the pair love to scrap as much as they love to party! Despite Fatso’s bravado, he will have no qualms about running back to his sister for support when cornered. Fatsie on the other hand is far more self-assured, believing that those around her will be infatuated by her ‘charms’.

Both have a knack for deploying barrels in combat, hurling them across the floor or popping the cork and riding them like a boozy bullet. Fatso prefers to get up close, using his large belly to deal damage, while Fatsie hangs back and calls forth a storm of spiked barrels. Keep an eye out for Fatsie’s kiss of death, which is anything but friendly and will cause some serious heartache.

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