Ravenage Games Breaks Down Development Roadmap for The Crackpet Show

Welcome to the latest season of The Crackpet Show, a bloody and crude competition to become the next legendary celebrity! New challenges, new competitors, new ways to wreak havoc and rise to the top; all this and more is in store for the most violent show in broadcast history! You won’t want to miss it!

Developed by Vixa Games, The Crackpet Show is an action rogue-lite bullet hell game that draws inspiration from classic gore-filled cartoons like Happy Tree Friends, launching on PC via Steam Early Access on December 16th, 2021. Today, publisher Ravenage Games has unveiled the game’s development roadmap outlining what players can expect ahead of the full release in 2022.

The Crackpet Show is split into worlds and levels, referred to as seasons and episodes in-game. The first two seasons will be available right away and season three — consisting of six new episodes — will be added throughout the Steam Early Access period. It will include a ton of exciting new content for players to experiment with, on their own, or with up to three friends.

Additions in the development roadmap include:

  • Crazy Contestants: New playable characters join the chaos, including Evil Goat, whose dreams of stardom go back to when they were just a wee kids. But do they have what it takes to become the Greatest Of All Time?
  • Rabid Foes and Brutal Bosses: Face new threats to your fame, like Turbo Snails and Dog Healers, and come up against colossal new bosses like the spike-covered Blind Hugger. He just wants to love you, give him a chance!
  • Weird and Devastating Weapons: Upgrade your arsenal with new weapons like the glue gun and egg launcher! Sure, they don’t sound dangerous, but have you ever actually been hit by an egg flying as fast as a bullet? It HURTS.
  • Inventive Items and Helpful Perks: New items and perks give you more destructive combinations to play with! Just imagine the damage you could do with chili pepper and a dash attack!
  • New Gameplay Features: Sponsorship bonuses, decorations, secret rooms, Easter eggs, and more will all be added during the early access period! Gotta keep the show fresh to maintain those ratings!
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