Ravenage Games Showcases Four New Trailers for Upcoming Titles

Ambitious indie game publisher Ravenage Games has revealed its exciting 2023 line-up during today’s PC Gaming Show 2023 Preview. During the event, four new games were announced, strengthening the publisher’s promising 2023 release schedule: turn-based RPG Untamed Tactics, hand-drawn Metroidvania BioGun, dark fantasy adventure Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow, and minimalist real-time resource management game Master Plan Tycoon. In addition to gameplay reveal trailers, Ravenage Games has published free playable demos for all four games on Steam.

Masterplan Tycoon

Masterplan Tycoon is a real-time strategy game about building interconnected chains of resources in a minimalist visual style. The game is set to arrive on PC via Steam in Q1 2023. A free demo is available now on Steam.

In Masterplan Tycoon, real-time strategy and management sim fans will build interconnected production chains to deliver products to their intended destinations. Nodes are buildings, pins are contact points between them, and links are supply lines. The game will schematically depict all of these elements, allowing players to focus on managing their flow of resources.

Mistakes won’t be penalized. Masterplan Tycoon will prioritize relaxation and immersion through learning. The game will be intuitive from the beginning, but prepare players for more complex logistical challenges later on.

Masterplan Tycoon will launch on PC via Steam in Q1 2023. A free Steam demo is now available.

Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow

Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow is an atmospheric adventure game telling the touching story of Griffin, a boy who struggles against his inner fears. This horror-infused, puzzle-packed, atmospheric adventure game is slated to launch in Spring 2023 on PC via Steam. Curious dark fantasy fanatics can already download a free demo on Steam today.

Daydream stars a boy named Griffin as he embarks on a journey to face his fears alongside his teddy bear companion Birly. As Griffin learns to confront haunting memories amidst floating castles and enchanted forests, he’ll come to discover the mystery of this newfound world.

The game was awarded Best Art at the Indie Blast Awards, and Best Unreal Engine Game at Indie Cup. It was also a finalist during the Unreal Engine Dev Contest in 2020.

In Daydream, Griffin’s friendship with Birly is invaluable. The boy can pick up, throw and issue commands to the teddy bear to solve puzzles and explore and topple terrifying monsters. Toss Birly over a beam and request that he activates an elevator, or have him crawl through a tiny hole to pull a lever on the other side. Dozens of traps and savage creatures lie on the duo’s path. Face your fears with brainpower and comradery.

Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow will launch in Spring 2023 on PC via Steam. A free Steam demo is now available.

Untamed Tactics

Untamed Tactics is a narrative-driven turn-based RPG developed by Grumpy Owl Games set in the universe of the hit card game Untamed: Feral Factions. Players will battle while reliving the memories of a retired rabbit general named Greycoat – a disgraced soldier who is about to become the leader of the free animals and their hometown. Alongside his crewmates, Lynn the fox and Mortimer the chameleon, Greycoat is stepping into the primal land of the Wilds – a beautiful yet dangerous world ruled by its own laws and customs.

Leading this fearless team of soldiers, players will fight, talk and think their way through various linear and procedural tactical encounters, meeting new allies and fighting for the freedom of their people.

Each chapter of Untamed Tactics’ storyline is a self-contained tactical adventure set in a colorful isometric 2D world of anthropomorphic animals. Choose your party, equip yourself at camp, and set out into the Wilds. Gather Echoes to unlock more loot, characters, and permanent upgrades as you advance towards glory.

Untamed Tactics will launch in Q2 2023 on PC and Mac via Steam. A free Steam demo is now available.


BioGun is a colorful, hand-drawn Metroidvania developed by Dapper Dog Digital. Players will embark on a journey to save the entire canine species from extinction caused by the sinister Dooper Virus. Inject yourself into a zany world of germs, cells, and winding passages full of vibrant characters and ferocious bosses with a story that takes place inside our beloved pets.

Face viral threats and twisting corridors on your mission to save man’s best friend from the inside. Will you be the vaccine to save dog-kind from extinction, or will DocX have to return to the drawing board?

BioGun will launch in Q4 2023 on PC via Steam. A free Steam demo is now available.

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