Razer Releases New Streaming Hardware Products

Today, Razer extended their line of streaming products by launching Razer Seiren Bluetooth microphone for mobile streaming and recording, the fully customizable high-end Razer Key Light Chroma and the Razer Audio Mixer for those looking for the most polished and professional audio setup, further builds upon Razer’s pro studio solutions for IRL streams or VOD/vlog content for all types of content creators, broadcasters and streamers.

Razer Seiren Bluetooth

The Razer Seiren Bluetooth microphone allows for clarity wherever you want to produce your content, indoors or outdoors. The Razer Seiren Bluetooth includes a number of key features that make for a convenient and compact way to maintain vocal clarity in any streaming setting:

$99 Price Point offering features laser-focused for on-the-go streamers’ needs

Omnidirectional Microphone for crisp, natural vocals at any angle

Powerful Noise Suppression and Customization with the Razer Streaming Mobile App

Wireless Clip-on Design ideal for mobile content creation

Seamless Home-based Vlogging for flexible recording at or away from your PC

Includes 2 Wind Socks to reduce wind noise and popping (one for indoor, one for outdoor use)

Multipurpose for any high-quality Bluetooth microphone need – Cooking stream? IRL travel blog? Filming content on a tradeshow floor? Seiren Bluetooth has you covered.

Razer Key Light Chroma

The Razer Key Light Chroma is a must-have for a complete studio experience. Set the scene and truly shine with this all-in-one accessory for professional studio lighting with any setup. Whether your want to look your best, pick your color mood through Razer Chroma RGB, or turn up the engagement, do it all with convenient wireless control from your phone or PC:

All-in-one Stream Lighting for a complete studio experience

Customizable Light Spectrum to set the right tone

Powered by Razer Chroma RGB to illuminate your style

Interactive Lighting to engage your audience

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity for seamless, convenient control

Slim Profile with Clamp Mount to streamline your setup

Razer Audio Mixer

The Razer Audio Mixer is the simplest solution for complete audio control without having to mess with the software. Streamline your setup and optimize your production with an easy-to-use, all-in-one analog mixer for broadcasting and streaming with total control over your mix and studio-like quality:

Analog Audio Mixer for quick, on the fly adjustments via hardware sliders

4-channel Interface with Mute buttons to control all your audio levels

XLR input with Preamp for crisp, clear voice quality

Built-In Voice Settings and Audio Processing for greater customization and optimization

Plug and Play for fuss-free Setup

Powered by Razer Chroma RGB for great personalization and interaction

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