Ready Your Plugsuits! Evangelion Collaboration Returns to Puzzle & Dragons

Prepare for the Third Impact! Evangelion returns to Puzzle & Dragons in a limited-time collaboration. From now until August 23, players can help protect the world of Puzzle & Dragons from the Angels.

Three new Evangelion characters, Shinji&Rei, Eva Unit-01, and Gendoh Ikari join the Eva Egg Machine to help you realize Human Instrumentality! Many returning characters have also received new buffs and keychain Assist Evolution forms. The Monster Exchange gets even cuter in this collaboration, with numerous types of Eva-themed TAMADRA and plushie characters to collect.


Players are going to need the help of these new and returning characters to conquer the three limited-time Evangelion collaboration dungeons. The EVANGELION Special Dungeon will have five difficulties and two special floors that players can clear to skill up Evangelion characters on their team. Powerful rare enemies including the Fourth Angel, Sixth Angel, and Ninth Angel have a chance to appear as well and drop rewards! All enemies in the dungeon have a chance to drop Evangelion Medals, which can be used in the Monster Exchange! The EVANGELION Challenge! will reward players who clear the dungeon with an additional pull from the Eva Memorial Egg Machine and Evangelion Medal – Rainbow. Finally, those looking to team up and take on the Angels together can try their luck at the Multiplayer! EVANGELION! dungeon.

All players who log in to Puzzle & Dragons during this collaboration will receive one free pull from the Eva Memorial Egg Machine. For those eager for more, the following specials will be available for purchase throughout the duration of the collab event:

  • For $19.99 USD, players can purchase the 20 Magic Stones + ★6 & ★7 Eva Egg Machine bundle, guaranteeing a ★6 or ★7 Rarity character
  • For $9.99 USD, players can purchase the 10 Magic Stones + Eva Gendoh Egg Machine bundle, guaranteeing Gendoh Ikari and a special Evangelion Orbs Skin when they get Gendoh Ikari for the first time
  • For $0.99 USD, players can purchase the 1 Magic Stone + Eva Egg Machine bundle, giving players another pull from the Eva Egg Machine


Egg Machine Characters


  • Shinji&Rei (NEW!)


  • Eva Unit-01 (NEW!)
  • Myr Regalia, Rei
  • Kali Regalia, Kaworu


  • Gendoh Ikari (NEW!)
  • Shinji&Kaworu&Unit-13
  • Misato&AAA Wunder
  • Scheat Regalia, Shinji
  • Yamato Takeru Regalia, Asuka
  • Ceres Regalia, Mari
  • Leilan Regalia, Misato


  • Rei Ayanami (temp. name) & Mark.09
  • Asuka&Eva Unit-02
  • Shinji&Eva Unit-01
  • Mari&Eva Provisional Unit-05
  • Rei&Eva Unit-00
  • Kaworu&Mark06, Under Construction


Monster Exchange

  • Eva Unit-01 TAMADRA
  • Eva Unit-02 TAMADRA
  • Eva Unit-13 TAMADRA
  • Misato TAMADRA
  • Eva Unit 00 Plushie
  • Mark.06 Plushie
  • Penpen Plushies
  • Eva Unit 02 Plushie
  • Eva Unit 01 Plushie
  • Eva Unit 08 Plushie
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