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Hello again, Minecrafters! Today we’ve got another selection of Minecraft minigames and adventures for you to try. Most Realms maps are available online through their creators, but we’ve gone the extra mile and worked with them to load the maps into Realms for PC. If you or a friend has a subscription, these adventures are available to play right now!

Unsure how to load custom content into Realms? Here’s a handy help article for you. Now, let’s dig in!

Captive Minecraft IV: Winter Realm by The Farlanders

The Captive Minecraft series started in 2014, after the inclusion of world borders in Minecraft 1.8. You begin in a 1×1 play area, but each time you earn an achievement, that area expands. Open your inventory to get started!

Terra Swoop Force by The Noxcrew

Terra Swoop Force is another thrilling map by mapmaking veterans, The Noxcrew. The group’s founder studied sound design, and it shows in the incredibly polished resource pack. Featuring custom sounds, music, voices, and a host of new textures, this elytra-based flying game might make you forget that you’re still in Minecraft!

The Present Factory by qwertyuiopthepie, wiskeyweasel, NateT_Bird

Welcome, new Present Factory Employee! Are you excited to start working at our factory? All you need to start is some basic addition skills, as well as a solid grasp of complex, omnidirectional, sorting systems. Got it? Get solving!

ZeGame by Jesper The End

Creator Jesper The End is known for reproducing other games in Minecraft, but this time, he’s recreated his own game! Reminiscent of sliding puzzles from classic video games, ZeGame takes the challenge into the third dimension. As far as we know, this represents the first time that a game has launched simultaneously in Minecraft as well as on traditional game platforms!

Infinity Dungeon by Jigarbov

Like many great games, the objective is simple, but completing your task is difficult: in a labyrinthine dungeon, find the colored glass blocks and return them to your starting point. What makes this adventure different, though, is that it’s randomly generated, and you’ll find yourself re-generating the dungeon many times throughout the quest. Once you finish the game, try your luck at finding the secret ending!

A whole new world

If you’re looking to start a new survival world, this trio of maps will let you do so in style.

Dragon’s Roost by Inryft, Floodplain, Nobleman


Elleroth by Pe3tr, Twett


Stellar Impact by Springstof


Looking forward

In case you missed it, the Realms team has been hard at work preparing for E3, as well as releasing the long-awaited Minecraft Realms for the Pocket and Windows 10 editions. We know that content that’s easy to find and load into your Pocket/Windows 10 Realm is in high demand, and we’re looking at how to do this best in the future. In the meanwhile, have fun playing Realms, wherever you are!

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