Realtek Takes Home 3 Awards at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2022

Realtek Semiconductor Corp. announced today that Realtek has won three awards at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2022, including the Best Choice of the Year Award.

2022 COMPUTEX ‘Golden Award’ & ‘Best Choice of the Year Award’ Winner

AI Super Resolution Fidelity Recovery IC (RTD2892NND)

The Realtek RTD2892NND is a powerful AI-based super-resolution IC and is the only IC currently available in the market capable of restoring the texture and resolution of original content. It can be paired with existing display controllers and provides top-level picture quality. The RTD2892NND uses various neural network models for different scenes and objects to remove noise and enhance the picture quality adaptively. It also prevents over-compression issues due to limited bandwidth.

2022 COMPUTEX ‘IC and Component Best Choice’ Category Award Winner

Bluetooth Dual Mode Audio Watch Solution (RTL8763E)

The Realtek RTL8763E is a two-in-one Watch and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) solution. It helps customers enter new product markets easily without additional hardware R&D investment.

The RTL8763E not only supports BLE (Data) and BT SoC (Audio) in dual mode, but it also supports the latest BLE Audio and Classic BT Audio in dual mode. The RTL8763E is essentially a twin Dual-mode Audio solution (BLE Data, Classic Audio, BLE Audio). As BLE audio becomes commonplace in the near future, the RTL8763E will help customers enjoy time-to-market benefits for BLE Audio Watch, TWS, and various related applications.

“We are honored to receive three awards at COMPUTEX 2022, including a Best Choice Golden Award and a ‘best of the best’ COMPUTEX 2022 Best Choice of the Year Award for the RTD2892NND. The RTD2892NND fully demonstrates that Realtek is an important innovator and driving force in the content and display industry, as well as showcases Realtek’s superb strength in innovative research and development”, said Realtek’s Vice President and Spokesman, Yee-Wei Huang. “Our winner in the ‘IC and Component Best Choice’ category, the RTL8763E, is Realtek’s 1st BLE Audio solution and has already acquired new design-wins due to its high integration and originality. The RTL8763E will help TWS customers upgrade their TWS products over the internet with the minimum of fuss and with no requirement for new hardware”.

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