Recycle, Rebuild, and Restore in No Place Like Home, Out Now on Nintendo Switch

Merge Games and Still Running released their latest game, The Last Worker, on PC via Steam on May 19, 2022. In this narrative-driven puzzle game, players take on the role of the last worker in a fully automated society where robots have taken over most of the jobs.

Set in a futuristic city, players will guide the last human worker, who goes by the name of Ted, through a series of increasingly challenging puzzles. These puzzles take place across three visually stunning environments: a factory, a corporate office, and a city park.

The Last Worker is a game with a message, as it explores themes of automation, job loss, and the future of work. As players progress through the game, they will discover more about the world of The Last Worker and its inhabitants, including robots and human characters who have been affected by the automation of their society.

To add to the immersive experience, The Last Worker features a beautiful soundtrack composed by Jeremy Warmsley, who has created an original score that complements the game’s themes and enhances the player’s emotional journey.

In terms of gameplay, The Last Worker offers a unique experience that combines narrative and puzzles. Players will use their problem-solving skills to navigate through the game’s challenges, using a variety of tools and gadgets to overcome obstacles and progress through the story. The puzzles are designed to challenge players, but are never frustrating or unfair.

The Last Worker is a thought-provoking and engaging game that offers a unique blend of narrative and puzzle gameplay. Its themes are particularly relevant in today’s world, where automation is becoming increasingly common, and the future of work is uncertain. With its beautiful visuals, engaging story, and unique gameplay, The Last Worker is a must-play for anyone who loves puzzle games with a strong narrative focus.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch

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