‘Red Bull Metropolis’ Cities: Skylines’ First Major Esports Competition

Today, Red Bull and Paradox Interactive have announced the first major competitive Cities: Skyline event, Red Bull Metropolis. Featuring top content creators including Biffa Plays Indie Games, Quill18, RTGame, and The Spiffing Brit, Red Bull Metropolis will test these players with six exciting challenges specially designed to evaluate their city planning skills.

City Planner Plays will also feature, giving expert guidance on how best to complete each map from a professional city planner’s perspective. Fans can watch the tournament live on Twitch and Youtube, alongside invited content creators’ channels on August 21st, 2021.

LoRed Bull Metropolis, the first major competitive Cities: Skylines event will see content creators go head to head to put their urban planning skills to the ultimate test! Taking place on Twitch and YouTube on August 21st, 2021, the unique competition designed with full support from Paradox Interactive and the Cities: Skylines community will feature a series of refreshing, time-limited challenges. The tournament will challenge leading content creators including, Biffa Plays Indie Games, quill18, RTGame, and The Spiffing Brit in a series of time-limited trials to prove once and for all who is the ultimate urban architect! Fans can tune in to watch Red Bull Metropolis on YouTube & Twitch from 4 pm GMT on August 21st, 2021.

Red Bull Metropolis will pit the exclusively invited Cities: Skylines content creators Biffa Plays Indie Games, quill18, RTGame, and The Spiffing Brit against each other, competing in a series of six challenges in the hopes of securing a place in the final. Each challenge will be individually scored with points awarded for fulfilling certain criteria, with players being ranked for each challenge and awarded points placing them on a league table. After all five challenges are judged, the top two scoring players will compete in the sixth and final challenge to determine the Red Bull Metropolis Champion. Following each challenge, viewers will also get an exciting appearance from City Planner Plays, who will be offering special expert videos on how to best complete each map from a professional City Planner’s perspective.

The first of its kind competition offers fans of the genre an exciting and unique new way to engage with the iconic city-builder. The event is the newest in a series of creative and unique Red Bull tournaments, offering unique twists on traditional formats. Red Bull Kumite is the most prestigious fighting game invitational, Red Bull Solo Q is a global 1v1 League of Legends event, and Red Bull Flick, is a 2v2 CS:GO competition played on custom maps designed by Red Bull. Red Bull Metropolis is the first event offering a competitive take on a city-building game, a traditionally casual genre.

Red Bull Metropolis was developed with full support from Paradox Interactive and the Cities: Skylines community to create captivating maps for the ultimate player experience. The sky’s the limit for the creators, as they battle it out across six challenges that will require them to use their innovation, imagination, and skill. Challenges range from tasking the creators to reduce their city’s traffic by building an effective bike network to saving the city from a Meteor falling from space…all of which must be completed within the 30-minute time limit allocated! Points will be awarded based on a number of in-game factors, as well as creativity, integration, and realism.

The six-hour tournament will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube, alongside the invited content creators’ channels on August 21st. This format enables fans to watch the way they want – either on the Red Bull channels together with the gameplay challenges, interviews, expert analysis, and commentary – or on their favorite creators’ channel to see their perspective throughout.

Stay tuned for more exciting details around which broadcast talent will be joining our content creators live to bring the competition to fans around the world!

“We are always looking for new ways that players can engage with Cities: Skylines, and this creative partnership with Red Bull is a wonderful way to bring competition to everyone’s favorite city builder,” said Ebba Ljungerud, CEO of Paradox Interactive.

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