Red Bull x BANDAI NAMCO Team Up for Live Stream Event

Today, Red Bull has revealed the details on Red Bull Levels: Elden Ring, a unique event peeling back the curtain behind the development of one of the year’s most anticipated releases, taking place on February 19th, 2022.

Exploring Elden Ring side by side with those who have been responsible for its creation, the show will dive deep into multiple aspects of the game, with popular streamers playing alongside key members of the BANDAI NAMCO team.

Aofie Wilson will host, with content creators Bimon, Chusommontero, Elajjaz, Sabaku No Maiku, and TonTon playing the game.
Red Bull Levels: Elden Ring will dive into classes, the game’s lore, and showcase the co-op and PvP multiplayer–all with commentary from the team behind the game’s creation.

The event will also be co-streamed by a number of international streamers, who will be revealed on Red Bull Gaming socials on February 15th, 2022.

Red Bull Levels: Elden Ring will kick off at 4 pm CET, February 19th, and will give fans a unique opportunity to hear the stories of the game’s development, exclusive info, and gameplay tips, along with watching some of their favorite content creators play single-player, co-op and multiplayer. Each creator will have time to try out and start to master their chosen class. Fans will get to see extended gameplay ahead of launch, but also hear commentary from the minds behind the game.

Besides the class deep dive, the stream examines the lore, where the team will break down how they’ve worked with legendary fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin on building a world rich with engaging themes and stories. The content creators will also check out the multiplayer features, where they will delve into Limgrave cooperatively in a team of two and a team of three, before testing out Elden Ring’s PvP system.

Red Bull Levels is a series that explores video games from the perspective of the development team– who share behind the scenes stories of how their games move from an idea on the drawing board to in the hands of millions. Having previously spoken to the minds behind several AAA and Indie titles, Red Bull Levels now explores the realm of the Lands Between, as the team from BANDAI NAMCO takes the viewers through the story of Elden Ring’s development.

Alongside the main stream, live on Red Bull Gaming Twitch and YouTube, Red Bull Levels: Elden Ring will also have a number of co-streamers showing the event to their audiences, details on which will be revealed on Red Bull Gaming socials on February 15th, 2022.

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