RedDeer.Games Powers Up on PlayStation: Acclaimed Indie Developer Expands Portfolio

Indie gaming powerhouse RedDeer.Games takes another step in leveling up its platform presence, this time setting its sights on PlayStation. The developer isn’t wasting any time, either; the highly praised game Cyber Protocol has already dropped on the PS Store, giving PlayStation users a taste of RedDeer’s unique flavor.

Unlocking New Levels: RedDeer’s Expanding Platform Presence

RedDeer.Games now joins the elite club of developers that have made their mark across all major gaming platforms. With its roots firmly planted in the Nintendo Switch ecosystem, the developer has branched out to Xbox, PC, and iOS platforms. By forging a new alliance with PlayStation, RedDeer.Games locks in its presence across the board, making it a true multi-platform contender.

Quest Log Updated: RedDeer.Games’ PlayStation Lineup

PlayStation users, keep your controllers charged and ready. RedDeer.Games is rolling out a well-crafted release plan for the console, promising a strong year for indie games. The titles soon to make their way from the developer’s expansive portfolio include Deflector, Bit Orchard, Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia, Broken Universe, and reky. With Cyber Protocol already live, it seems the developer is set on maintaining a consistent release schedule for PlayStation fans.

From Startup to Power Player: Words from the COO

Bartłomiej Kossakowski, COO of RedDeer.Games, laid out the company’s journey in clear terms. “Not so long ago, we started our work with only a couple of employees and not many more projects in our portfolio. Now we are entering the last of the most important gaming consoles – PlayStation,” said Kossakowski. The company’s multi-platform success serves as a testament to its growth and solidifies its place in the gaming industry.

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