‘Réel Futur’ Offers Two Story-Driven & Retro-Inspired Futuristic Games

Indie game developer Christophe Vanhille is encouraging fans of retro-inspired RPGs to download and tryout Réel Futur, a single download containing “Utopia” and “The Era of Renewal”, each taking place in the same universe, near future and distant future, respectively.

Réel Futur (Utopia) is a futuristic RPG taking place in a classic old-skool environment. It is an exploration game where the objective is to locate a terrorist who placed a bomb in the lab where the Eternity500 was designed. Your task is to adventure, investigate, travel by shuttle train using the statioport or by a special flying car throughout the city! Find and interrogate cybernetic droids, robot and zonards! Experience a vast incredible parallel world.

Réel Futur (The Era of Renewal) is the continuation of the saga; this segment of the game follows the Cyberpunk era, in which the world has sunk into a terrible decay, caused by overcrowding, natural disasters, armed conflicts and much more. Technology has evolved and the world is slowly emerging from the deep coma in which it was immersed.

Both games feature Virtual Worlds, which you can enter and explore. What happens in the Virtual Worlds can impact the other segments of the game; for example, there is a really cool Medieval world you can enter that may cause disruption in other areas if you are not careful.


  • More than 100 monsters
  • 100s of objects, weapons and armor
  • 10 career levels to gain
  • Extensive maps
  • 40 puzzles to solve
  • 4 game-modes included!

The game is exclusively available in French at this time and the STEAM™ download includes both chapters in the Utopia universe.

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