Resident Evil 3 — Information Breakdown

The reveal trailer for Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 remake is finally upon us — and it’s glorious. There’s a lot of juicy information to go over so let’s not waste any time and get right to it!


For the uninitiated, Resident Evil 3 follows S.T.A.R.S. member, Jill Valentine, as she fights to survive the Racoon City incident. This game takes place both before and after Leon and Claire’s adventures in Resident Evil 2.

The trailer opens with a first-person sequence of Jill Valentine running away from the Nemesis, Resident Evil 3’s main antagonist (who is perhaps the most iconic of Resident Evil’s vast collection of villains). My first time watching, I thought this was just a sort of pre-rendered cutscene made up for the trailer but after watching the trailer again, I’m starting to think this will actually be a playable section of the game. Only time will tell on that … However, there is another thing that happens in this sequence that is very easy to miss — Nemesis whispering “S.T.A.R.S.” Once I caught that faint whisper as he chases Jill through a series of tight corridors, it sent chills up my spine. Fans of the series will know this is an iconic line, and one that is sure to haunt players while both running away from and fighting the Nemesis in-game.

We see many other things of note as well. For example — Brad Vickers, S.T.A.R.S.’ helicopter pilot. The footage seemed to suggest to me that we might get a bit more of him in the remake, which I would personally love to see. We also get a few brief glimpses of Delta Platoon, all of which have spectacular redesigns. Carlos looks especially rugged, and more fitting of this grittier yet more realistic take on the series.

The dodge action also seems to be making a return from the original Resident Evil 3. This feature wasn’t in the Resident Evil 2 remake, but if Nemesis is anything like he was in the original, players are going to need all the help they can get in avoiding this monster. For those unfamiliar with Nemesis, think of him as the brother of Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 … only much faster and with the ability to wield a rocket launcher.

A few other and equally exciting pieces of information have been revealed as well. First, Resident Evil: Resistance (a multiplayer horror game based within the world of Resident Evil), will be included with Resident Evil 3, not a separate title, as it originally seemed. Second, we have our first official look at the Collector’s Edition, which appears to be in line with everything we saw from Resident Evil 2’s massive box set. Here players can expect to get their hands on the game, the soundtrack, a map of Racoon City, a collector’s artbook, and an 11-inch tall Jill Valentine statue, which will go perfectly with the Leon statue from the Resident Evil 2 Collector’s Edition. All of this will come packaged in a S.T.A.R.S. item box.

Resident Evil 3

Finally, pre-ordering will allow players to unlock the classic outfits for Jill and Carlos from the original game.

Resident Evil 3 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3rd, 2020!

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