Resolution Games Reveals 2022 Roadmap and PC Release for Digital Tabletop RPG Demeo

Resolution Games unveiled a massive initial 2022 roadmap for Demeo this morning, its fan-favorite VR RPG — including details of a non-VR PC Edition coming to Steam Early Access in April.

In addition to the roadmap (detailed below), Resolution Games has also launched the game’s third adventure today — Roots of Evil — and introduced a fifth playable class (the bard), so current players won’t have to wait until next year for a taste of something new.

Demeo: PC Edition

Launching in Early Access on Steam on April 7th, Demeo: PC Edition has been rethought from the ground up for the PC gaming audience. This new PC Edition will offer cross-play functionality, letting players group up with VR users (or just other PC players if they’d prefer) when forming their parties. Demeo: PC Edition will include all of the adventures released to date, with the promise to deliver all future adventures simultaneously across all available platforms. Demeo PC: Edition can be wishlisted starting today on Steam.

PvP Mode

Also in 2022, Demeo will expand its cooperative dungeon-crawling fun into the fierceness of competitive battles with the launch of a player-versus-player mode. Demeo’s PvP mode will turn friends into enemies by pitting magic against steel with up to four players joining in the fray to determine who is the one true champion in your party.

Player’s Hangout

When you’re not traversing the dungeon in a quest for treasure and glory, it’s important to have a place where you can just socialize and chill. On February 24th, 2022, Demeo will add a whole new environment where you can meet other players, customize your avatar, and play mini-games — including the homage arcade game Hauntlet, designed by Doom co-creator and Resolution Games senior creative director Tom Hall.

Demeo’s Third Adventure: Roots of Evil

Available today, the third adventure in Demeo’s growing fantasy universe, Roots of Evil, takes players out of the dungeons and onto the surface world for the first time. A commune of druids in the Drych Forest has captured a being of absolute evil — but can they control their captive without being corrupted themselves? Gather your heroes and help liberate the forest from the Roots of Evil!

A New Hero Class: The Bard

In addition to a new adventure, today’s Roots of Evil update adds a fifth playable champion to the cast of Demeo adventurers: Molthas the Bard. Equipped with both lute and dagger, the bard class has songs that can buff your fellow party members, silence your enemies and even summon a mighty wind that destroys everything in its path. Can you win your new and old conquests with this worthy hero? Try now as Roots of Evil and the Bard are available as a free update for all Demeo players starting today.

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