Retro First Friday Returns for 2023

IT’S BACK! Today, Ziggurat Interactive, publisher of multiplatform retro and modern games, is thrilled to announce the grand return of Retro First Friday! Throughout 2023, on the first Friday of each month, the team at Ziggurat will bring back a beloved retro title previously lost to time and a hand-picked collection of previously-released classic titles from gaming history to make available to modern consumers — all at a discounted price!

Retro First Friday Featured Game: Lollypop

To kick things off, this month, the team launched the beloved Rainbow Arts side-scrolling action platformer Lollypop! Originally released for the PC in 1994 and for the Amiga in 1995, the game was part of a significant chapter in the PC platformer genre of the 80s and 90s. You’ll take on the role of Lolly — a wind-up doll who mysteriously comes to life in the toy factory. However, something is amiss: the world is rampant with hordes of enemies thanks to the evil-doings of Sugarbaby. It’s up to Lolly to free the land from Sugarbaby’s wicked clutches, traveling through eight unique worlds, each with its own distinct vibe and sound and obstacles to overcome, and build up her candy arsenal, collecting power-ups and extra abilities along the way.

Lollypop is now available on Steam and GOG. For a limited time, pick it up with a 33% discount!

Retro First Friday Featured Bundle: Buckwild Bundle

Ziggurat collected nine of the oddest, weirdest, & kookiest games for you to experience. Relish in the absurdity of an FMV puppet dinosaur bro, psychedelic Olympic games, a date that ends in an alien dimension, or shooting up a smorgasbord of villains including a murderous chef and zombie clowns. Yes…there are zombie clowns.

The Buckwild Bundle comes with nine games — pick it up today on Steam and GOG at an 80% discounted price!

The Buckwild Bundle Includes:
Killing Time
Corridor 7
Purple Saturn Day
Les Manley: Lost in LA
Zombie Dinos
Chamber of Sci Mutant Priestess
Eric the Unready
Altered Destiny

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