Get ready to live one hundred adventures in one — now, for free! Indie studio Pixelatto announces that their acclaimed game Reventure, recently highlighted as Game of the Month in Google Play, gets today a F2P version on Android! 

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Pixelatto releases this F2P version as the culmination of a week of anniversary celebrations, as Reventure was released a year ago on PC. In this first year since its original release, the game has also been published on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and has received the universal praise of critics and players alike (Metascore 83 and 95% “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam). To celebrate the occasion, Pixelatto added a free update with many new easter eggs increasing the completion rate up to 125% & adding new achievements. The Steam version is also featuring a 75% off daily deal until tomorrow! 

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The F2P version of Reventure does not sacrifice anything of the wildly fun experience of the original game: platforms and exploration, 100 endings, tons of characters, lots of secrets in a changing world — and thousands of jokes, silly puns and pop culture references. Players will have up to three attempts, and get one extra life every two hours. For the most impatient ones, there will be an option to watch an ad to get an instant life-up and continue exploring Reventure’s world. Neat, huh?


Reventure is a unique nonlinear platformer with up to 100 different endings where the world changes you with every play. This parody of gaming culture challenges players to find each and every possible ending while having lots of fun. You are a wannabe hero who is supposed to do hero-ish things but sometimes blows that off and does crazy stuff instead.


  • Choose your path and discover up to 100 hundred different endings. Every choice matters!
  • Discover the secrets of a huge, changing world
  • Unlock new characters, costumes, visual effects, hints and much more as you progress through the game
  • Find all the secrets and pop culture references and enjoy tons of humor
  • Enjoy a beautiful OST along the way!
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