Rhythm Shooter ROBOBEAT Showcased at London Games Festival as an Official High Energy Selection

Leamington Spa, UK-based games publisher Kwalee and Swedish developer Simon Fredholm have announced that their upcoming rhythm shooter game, ROBOBEAT, has been included in the High Energy category of the London Games Festival. The event, which runs from March 29th to April 9th, will showcase ROBOBEAT in online and video formats, including on the London Games Festival’s Steam page.

ROBOBEAT was chosen as part of the festival’s second Official Selection, alongside over 30 games from various countries, including Europe, North America, China, and Japan. The game is slated for a PC release in 2023.

In ROBOBEAT, players find themselves trapped in the ever-changing mansion of the eccentric robot-showman Frazzer. To escape this twisted techno-playground, they must master shooting, wall-running, sliding, and bunny hopping—all in sync with the beat. ROBOBEAT is a rogue-lite rhythm shooter that challenges players to dance until they drop and then gear up for the remix.

The game’s mechanics revolve around shooting in sync with the beat to maximize damage and minimize cooldown times. Players can chain combos to create different tunes with their guns and master charged shots, damage multipliers, armor-piercing rounds, and more.

ROBOBEAT also encourages players to move to the music, requiring them to wall-run, slide, double jump, bunny hop, and grapple hook their way through colorful levels while evading enemies. The game’s rogue-lite remix nature means that players will fast-forward through procedurally generated levels, equip an arsenal of finely-tuned weapons, and customize their arsenal with various modifications. With a playstyle that’s always on shuffle, each new run offers a unique experience.

ROBOBEAT will test players’ ability to break the infinite loop and stop Frazzer in his tracks. Until the end of May, a demo of ROBOBEAT is exclusively available to Discord members.

Platforms: Microsoft windows

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