Ring of Elysium Launches Adventurer Pass Season 8

Aurora Studios is excited to announce that the latest Adventurer Pass season has come to award-winning battle royale Ring of Elysium. Season 8 brings the new map Vera a compact area in a desert landscape located east of the Andes Mountains that is in the path of a radioactive sandstorm. The latest map promises action-packed matches as the encroaching storm will take over increasing amounts of the map as matches progress. Players will be forced into close quarters and will have to act fast against their opponents and the threat of a radioactive natural disaster. Season 8 also introduces new vehicles and characters for players to unlock and head into battle with on Vera.

Players will be able to get around Vera in the latest vehicles including the Viper SUV and Viper truck as well as the new mobility skill: the traversal motorbike. A new airdrop weapon also awaits players in Vera, the SCAR-H a potent 7.62 assault rifle. There are also six tactical abilities available to players on Vera. Players will be able to detect their enemies using the recon drone and biosignal detector. To give enemies the slip players will be able to use the stealth cloak and holographic decoy. When facing combat players can utilize the deployable shield to reduce oncoming damage and Medgun to restore health.

Ring of Elysium

In Aftermath, players will also be able to unlock three new seasonal characters to battle through the radioactive storm on Vera. Jaques, Arvid, and Moore will be available for players to unlock. Players can unlock the latest season rewards by purchasing the Adventurer Pass using in-game currency. Logging in daily will also net players rewards such as a set of traversal equipment appearances.

Ring of Elysium 1

New events have been added to Ring of Elysium with the start of the new Adventurer Pass season as well as the return of the Lucky Draw. From now through June 18 players will be able to participate in the Citori weapon skin event. By logging in during the event players will get a 14-day trial version of the Rattlesnake weapon skin. To unlock a permanent version of the weapon players will need to earn 100 points during the event, players will gain points for each day they log in as well as by completing daily tasks. The Lucky Draw event also returns for players from now through May 7. The event will be divided into four 7-day stages. During each stage, players will be able to visit the Event Center and draw 5 times per stage. Players are guaranteed one item from the prize pool of each event stage.

Ring of Elysium 2

Aurora Studios has also rolled out updates to the Battle Buddy system as well as the leaderboard. Updated rewards have arrived in the Battle Buddy system and all relationships have been reset. With the start of the newest season player leaderboards, ratings and personal statistics have also been reset giving players a fresh start for the season.

Ring of Elysium 3

Season 8 of the Adventurer Pass, Aftermath is now available for players to dive into and unlock limited-time rewards. To traverse the desert landscape of Vera players can download Ring of Elysium for free on Steam.

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