Riot Games Rolls Out Teamfight Tactics’ Dragonlands Update

At long last, the Dragonlands update is now available on Teamfight Tactics’ live servers. And no, the title isn’t a coincidence. Riot has gone all out to ensure that this is the most dragon-y update possible.

Dragonlands adds new dragon-friendly biomes, cosmetics, and augments to the popular auto-battler, but that’s just the start. New Dragon units wield incredible power, offering a significant bang for their two-unit buck.

Dragonlands takes players to a whimsical archipelago where each island hosts different biomes, critters, dragons, and champions. The new content update includes dragon-themed gameplay, champions, mechanics, traits, Augments, cosmetics, and more for players around the world.

Dragonlands introduces Dragon units for your team. Dragons count as two units in your army, have a bunch of bonus health, double the cost of other units in their rarity tier, count for triple their trait bonus, and are super powerful. Dragons aren’t the only thing coming to TFT, Dragonlands introduces new traits for players to build a mix of powerful trait combinations to be the last one standing against seven opponents.

Players will even spot dragons between stages with The Treasure Dragon replacing Raptors on Stages 4-7. The Treasure Dragon will allow players to complete their item build through an offering of free items and other loot. Players can pay one gold to refresh their offerings to test their luck on receiving stronger items or goods.

Fan-favorite Augments, which provide a permanent bonus for the rest of the game, is back for Dragonlands as Draconic Augments. Draconic Augments bring rerolls that can be used once per game, allowing players to choose from three different Augment options.

Players will be able to unlock new cosmetic content with Dragonlands including new dragon-themed Little Legends, creatures who act as your avatar during gameplay. Burno, Poggles, Choncc the Wise, Egg Sprite, and Dragon Dancer Ossia are all Dragonlands locals for players to unlock. Chibi Champions, stylized versions of popular League of Legends champions who can be used as avatars, are back, with Yasuo and Dragonmancer Yasuo. Dragonmancer Yasuo comes with TFT’s first ever finisher, a special animation that plays when you eliminate another player. Players can equip a variety of dragon-themed map skins, arenas, including Sanctuary of the Ancient, a new Mythic tier arena, along with a series of new booms, and personalized blasts that trigger victories against opponents, emotes, and more.

Dragonlands also brings updates to Double Up, TFT’s 2v2v2v2 game mode. Double Up gets metallic rankings similar to standard TFT queues or League of Legends ranked modes, but it’s also getting a number of gameplay improvements to help it sore into Dragonlands!

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