Risk of Rain 2 Receives New Update

Risk of Rain 2, the rogue-like dungeon crawler with a plethora of unique playable characters and realms for players to fight their way through, has recently received even more content in the form of its latest Hidden Realms update — which brings with it new boss fights, worlds to explore, and an unlockable character. Below we’ll provide a breakdown of all this content as well as instructions on how to unlock Acrid, the latest playable character.

One of the features that comes with the Hidden Realms update is new map variations, which will completely change the layout of two of the game’s maps to keep things interesting. As of right now, only the Distant Roost and Titanic Plains have received map variations, but it’s safe to assume that more will be added in future updates.

One new monster has been added to the game in the form of the Void Reaver. This is a beast that can only appear on Rallypoint Delta and Siren’s Call after completing one full loop. But the Void Reaver isn’t the only new baddie that players will have to take down as it’s joined by two new boss fights as well. One of these bosses is the Scavenger, a returning boss from the first Risk of Rain. The second boss is a secret and can only be encountered if players find the new Beads of Fealty item. After finding said item, players will have to make their way to the eight stage of their run and obliterate themselves at the obelisk. After doing so, they’ll be teleported to the secret boss’s realm to take-on the big new baddie. The Scavenger, on the other hand, can appear as a boss on any stage.

The Scavenger is quite unique in that this creature wields items and equipment that can be found by the player. Beating the Scavenger will grant players with a Scavenger’s Bag, which will drop a whopping eight to 10 items of random rarity when opened. Compared to other boss drops, this may be the best boss loot in the game — despite its very random elements.

But the Scavenger isn’t the only thing returning from the first Risk of Rain as Acrid, the new playable character, was also featured in the original game. Acrid is a character who uses both melee and ranged combat to take down his opponents. To unlock Acrid, players are going to need to go through a blue portal to the Lunar Bazaar in the Prismatic Trials. Here, at the very bottom of the map, is a new portal which will lead to a difficult challenge that involves capturing several points. While capturing these points, characters will have to remain within the small purple field surrounding them or they will take damage. Capturing all of the points and completing the challenge will unlock Acrid.

Nine new pieces of loot and one piece of equipment can also now be found within the game, each offering new buffs and abilities.

Overall, this is a pretty massive update — one that adds a great deal of variety to Risk of Rain 2. It will certainly be interesting to see which maps receive new variations in the future as well as what other returning characters we might see from the original Risk of Rain.

The Hidden Realms update is available now on PC, but console players will have to wait a bit longer before they can get their hands on it. As of right now, there is no official release date for consoles but judging by the pattern of previous updates, it will likely release around March.

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