‘Road-lite’ Nightvision: Drive Forever buckles up for a narrative ride

Hoodust Enterprises politely ask you to buckle up and hang on tight, because things are going to get bumpy. After a successful (time-limited) demo debut during the Steam Summer Games Festival Nightvision: Drive Forever is gearing up for launch this fall. While the demo was focused on the arcade survival side of the game (a high-speed drive through procedurally generated mountain roads), the full version will be centered around a narrative-heavy Story Mode. A fraught and emotionally charged drive through the night.

Nightvision: Drive Forever will shine its introspective headlight on its nameless protagonist over the course of story mode. Dozens of hand-crafted challenges, a ticking clock and a hazy, shifting reality will make this unlike any other driving game you’ve played.


About Nightvision: Drive Forever:

A pure arcade survival challenge wrapped around a demanding, realistic handling model. Improvise and navigate your way through unpredictable and winding mountain roads and traffic in the dead of night, battered by the elements and constantly one mistake away from a spectacular car-rolling crash.

Nightvision 1


  • Realistic driving on nightmarish roads. Challenge the highway in a race against the clock.
  • Procedurally generated desert highways, designed by RoadGen™ artificial intelligence.
  • No map, no memorization. Just your own driving skills versus endless unpredictable roads.
  • Zone out long into the night in Endless Mode – no pressure, just boundless roads.
  • More intense weather types, including fierce storms and driving rain.
  • Less predictable, more twisty roads. The land itself conspires to stop you.
  • An extensive Story Mode; discover what drives someone to such a perilous journey.
  • Share and compete on your favourite roads with shareable track codes.
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