‘Road-lite’ Nightvision: Drive Forever Speeds Onto Steam With a Free Demo

Hoodust Enterprises is taking a victory lap today, celebrating the launch of Nightvision: Drive Forever on Steam. Available now along with a free demo, Nightvision is an atmospheric arcade night-driving experience set across a procedurally generated mountain expanse, with a multitude of perception-bending bonus modes.

Unlike most driving games, Nightvision: Drive Forever features an emotionally charged story mode; an introspective deep dive into what pushes someone to take such deadly risks, pushing man and machine to their limits. Playing through the story mode also unlocks a variety of visual and gameplay warping bonus modes to be used in the game’s ever-changing sandbox mode.

Each bonus mode in Nightvision brings a new mechanical or visual twist on the action, from reliving the earliest days of arcade driving games in 1976 and 1979 modes, to exploring the retro-futuristic vector dreamscapes of Cyberspace – giving a new meaning to ‘road trip’.

Players can challenge themselves (and the world, via online leaderboards) across a nigh-infinite number of procedurally generated courses, ranging from quick one-minute sprints to endless marathon drives in a variety of weather conditions.

Nightvision: Drive Forever is an arcade driving experience unlike any other. Realistic handling meets frantic timed sprints across hazardous, procedurally generated roads. One mistake can lead to failure, and a spectacular car crash, so victory requires intense focus. Players will first experience the world of Nightvision through its story mode; a tale of the risks we take for the ones we love.

A list of features include:

  • Realistic seat-of-your-pants racing featuring the challenge of limited visibility.
  • Procedurally generated desert highways, designed by RoadGen™ artificial intelligence.
  • No map, no memorization. Just your own driving skills versus endless unpredictable roads.
  • Zone out long into the night in Endless Mode – no pressure, just boundless trails.
  • More intense weather types, including fierce storms and driving rain.
  • Activate one of 17+ bonus modes to bring a wilder, weirder vibe to your next trip.
  • An extensive Story Mode; discover what drives someone to such a perilous journey.
  • Share and compete with other players on your favorite roads with shareable seeds.

Nightvision: Drive Forever is available on Steam now for $17.99/€14.99/£13.99. An updated demo featuring some of the bonus modes above is currently available on Steam.

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