ROBOBEAT Unveils New Gameplay Trailer with Custom Music Feature

Leading UK games publisher Kwalee, in collaboration with solo developer Simon Fredholm from Sweden, has unveiled an exciting new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game, ROBOBEAT. The trailer highlights a unique addition to the game, allowing players to incorporate custom music into their gameplay experience. This feature enables players to edit, loop, and synchronize tracks within the game itself, providing a personalized and rhythmic adventure.

ROBOBEAT: Coming to PC in 2023

ROBOBEAT is an upcoming rogue-lite rhythm shooter set to be released on PC in 2023. Players find themselves trapped within the ever-changing mansion of the eccentric robot-showman, Frazzer. To escape this twisted techno-playground, they must master the art of shooting, wall-running, sliding, and bunny hopping—all in sync with the beat. Get ready to dance till you’re dead and suit up for the remix in ROBOBEAT.

Shoot to the Beat

One of the standout features of ROBOBEAT is its custom music feature, which allows players to shoot to their own beat. With this feature, players can easily upload and trim their tracks or use the in-game editor to auto-generate beats that suit their playstyle. Seamlessly change custom songs anytime, anywhere within the game without interruptions. The feature supports .wav, .mp3, and .ogg files, enabling players to synchronize their shots and maximize damage while shortening cooldown times.

Masterful Gameplay Mechanics

In ROBOBEAT, players must master a variety of gameplay mechanics to overcome the challenges within Frazzer’s mansion. Charged shots, damage multipliers, armor-piercing rounds, and more await those who dare to take on this rhythmic adventure. By staying in sync with the beat, players can optimize their performance and become more efficient in dispatching enemies.

Move to the Music

Survival in ROBOBEAT requires not only shooting skills but also agile movement. Enemies won’t wait around for players to take a dance break, so players must keep moving to stay alive. The game offers a range of slick moves such as wall-running, sliding, double jumping, bunny hopping, and even utilizing a grapple hook. Players will navigate through technicolored levels, using these moves to outmaneuver their foes and keep the rhythm flowing.

Rewind, Remix, Replay

ROBOBEAT takes the concept of rogue-lite to the next level. Players will experience procedurally generated levels as they progress through the game. They can equip themselves with an arsenal of finely-tuned weapons and accompany their firepower with a symphony of modifications. Each run offers a unique combination of challenges, ensuring that players never know what to expect. It’s up to the players to break the infinite loop and put a stop to Frazzer’s machinations.

ROBOBEAT promises an exhilarating and rhythm-driven gameplay experience for PC gamers in 2023. With its innovative custom music feature, players can synchronize their shots and movements to their favorite tracks, creating a unique and immersive adventure. Whether it’s shooting, moving, or strategizing, ROBOBEAT offers a diverse range of gameplay mechanics that will challenge and engage players. Get ready to enter Frazzer’s mansion, unleash your inner rhythm, and save the day in this rogue-lite remix.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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