Rocket Fist Switch Review

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Rocket Fist is a game that I was really looking forward to playing, it looked liked the go to game for all things multiplayer. It has tough competition on Switch however as there is a lot of outstanding multiplayer games already like Ovecooked and Mario kart to name a few. With all these great titles should you buy Rocket Fist?

The game features a single player mode which starts off like a tutorial to get you used to the controls and basic enemies. It increases in difficulty in each stage introducing different enemies and ‘Fists. If you are wondering why I say ‘Fists’ its because the game is similar dodgeball but with robots and instead of balls you throw fists. You have to defeat all the enemies on the stage to move onto the next one but it isn’t as easy as you may think as these robots are highly intelligent and seem to know where you are going before you even move! These clever robots gain new abilities as you progress and some can bounce the fist off the walls to hit you.


Rocket Fist is all set in a futuristic dodgeball arena with walls to hide around and treadmills that slow you down. You have to use these man made features to your advantage if you don’t you will be left in the open without any protection and this will lead you to restarting the stage. All the stages are well designed and play very well which is great since you have to utilize the map effectively to win. They are simple however with little detail and color which is a downside for me since I prefer a more detailed environment feeling more immersed in the game. The characters in this game are also very basic with only colors changing between them. You can however customize your character with hats and different robot designs which include include a Santa, pirate and teapot outfit. Customization’s do not effect gameplay at all you can’t spill tea on the floor to make the robots malfunction.

The gameplay is fun and the HD rumble in the switch just makes it that much better to. The enemies consist of spiders that split in 2 when attacked and other mechanical robots. There are new enemy types added every few levels and at the end of a sector you have to defeat a boss which are very creative but I wont spoil them. There are 20 single player levels to beat with 4 unique boss fights at the end of each sector. The games controls are very simple as there is only 1 button you use and the left stick to move. This is great as its easy to pick up and play especially since it’s a multiplayer game and a lot of people may have never played it before. You move about and aim with the same stick so wherever you’re facing that is where you’re going to shoot your fist. Your fists ricochet off walls as well so if you miss it you can hit them on the rebound. This is how the bots normally get me dodging the first one and I forget it bounces off the walls and I have to restart.

Enemies in this game either move differently or just knock you back when you get near them. My favorite two enemies in the game are the spiders and the robot bombs. Once you hit the spiders they split into 2 causing you to quickly deal with them or get overrun by little spiderlings. Robot bombs have very unique abilities but I also find it slightly unfair because you cant tell how big hitboxes are in this game so you have to guess how close you should go towards these enemies. If single player isn’t your thing you can always play against the computer or your friend in VS Local. VS Local consists of 2 game modes Death-match and Survival. In Death-match you have to kill X amount of robots. This game mode is fun especially as there is 9 unique stages to select from and lots of power ups to use. The other mode is Survival which you win by being the last robot alive. There is the same stages and powers ups in this mode but just a different goal. In terms of price for content there is not to much content for single player mode and it only lasts a few hours, however the multiplayer is very strong and well polished.

Rocket fist has great simple gameplay for anyone to join in but overall I would only Recommend this title to someone who consistently plays with their family or fiends.

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